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every time i see someone w really negative opinions abt their fave things im like…….u ok bud??? like are u genuinely alright??? how does someone spend so much time letting smth they enjoy bring them down so much

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and now, i return back to the depths of school work hell

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Me @ my brain: I have to make this scene extremely platonic so that there’s no question about the main ship that comes later

My brain @ me: okay but what if this scene was not platonic at all

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natsuo’s anger and resentment isn’t for himself. 

it’s for fuyumi, who had to grow up too fast. it’s for touya, whose life was cut short. it’s for his shouta, who never had a real childhood. it’s for his mother, who never really got to live and enjoy life. 

the anger you feel for someone else will always burn brighter and longer than the anger you feel for yourself. he doesn’t care about himself. he doesn’t care what his father did ( or didn’t do ) to him. it’s about what happened to his mother and siblings. he never gave a thought to himself. even if everyone else forgives endeavor, natsuo isn’t sure he can. he saw the aftermath of everything and it still burns in his chest. 

they don’t have to be angry anymore, he respects the choices his family makes. but he still hears touya telling him about his training. he still dreams of his mom’s tears and of fuyumi’s struggle of trying to carry the household on her little shoulders. he still has nightmares of shouta crying and be unable to reach his little brother and help. 

he has so many emotions inside and he doesn’t know where to start or even how to go about sorting them out. 

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Everyone had been so cool this fight!! Adaine’s Big Hand throws and counterspells!! Gorgug tanking like there’s no tomorrow between his friends and baddies!! Fabian’s sheet dance and blade work, becoming his own man!! Kristen’s “I’ve been praying for you” and that spell!! Riz shooting Daybreak //again//, and literally being shot out a cannon!! Fig shredding as a new archdevil with her own Imp, telling Vraz(?) to eat her ass!! All the NPC’s being cool as fuck!! I’m!!

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Everyone I follow is talking about TMA and every day I tell myself that I’ll start listening to it because it hits that good spot between strangely hilarious and absolutely horrifying but at the same time I’m terrible at actually watching/listening to tv shows

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When I have the funds you best believe I’m going to buy more snom merch….I love my little bug..

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Does anybody else think about the worst possible situation or scenario that could happen and then cling onto it even though you knows it’s ridiculous and not true but you can’t help it because same and my mind hurts

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the emojis that pop up when you mouse over a message on discord demonstrate your vibes

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Earlier today I found the piano music for ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash so guess who’s been wandering around the house all day whispering “Bop It” and “shut the fuck up, Kevin”

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I was just recommended a post by someone who kins Thrawn in Rebels and they were praising him for killing Mr. Sumar, I’m-

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man, making a playlist for something that doesn’t exist is exhausting

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Some of you in the t/a/ngled fandom have never had to deal with a bad falling out/breakup and it shows

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god i really feel like this trying to contain myself whenever i remember how the g*lyes episode went down

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Stick to the status quo from hsm is actually very accurate to the coming out experience.

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gochu sauce


laura i….

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Please don’t let me forget i have weapons to draw (for) tomorrow

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How can people be so loud at 8 in the morning

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