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q: how does being in space for most of his life affect how he experiences his heritage ?


Peter’s unfortunately very disconnected from it , his heritage and the cultural upbringing he had for a very small portion of his childhood .   like      it’s one thing to say he’s been  taken  from it , as a young kid , by the Ravagers   —————   because that’s true .    but Peter , older and having his free will to explore the universe ,  STILL  chooses not to return to earth and seek out everything that he left behind .    and that includes learning about what became of his family , his hometown , his childhood friends .    which , he confesses is too painful a feat , but by surrendering all of that he’s also giving up the option of reconnecting with his heritage .     

it’s by no means that he doesn’t care   –   he holds what little knowledge he has , close to his heart , and anything he may learn along the way , somehow , is never forgotten .    but the task itself of returning and reconnecting feels  immensely  daunting to him , as if he hasn’t earned his rights to do so after abandoning it for so long . 

I feel like he would , someday , muster the courage to do so   —————  maybe something out there in the universe hits harder than he expects it to , and it gets him thinking back to how his family moved over to the States , survived and struggled and demanded an equality so he could be the person he is .     or maybe he just overhears a simple conversation about heritage and backgrounds and realises that his knowledge on it is a chasm , by now .    

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