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1 for delivia and 10 for sevon


YAY LET’S DO THE THING! Btw, sorry this took me a little bit longer to answer,

((mini fics will be under the cut!))

1. things you said at 1 am (Delivia aka Dean Winchester/Olivia Warren)

It was strange really. How easy it was for them. To just be able to sit and talk for hours without any weird or awkward silences. Or how easy it was for Dean. How he could make her laugh and do her cute little snort. And she was so embarrassed by that. She would always try to hide the fact that she snorts when she laughs by covering up her nose or purposefully not laugh as hard as she wanted. But sometimes Dean would get her to laugh for real. Especially at one o’clock in the morning. Especially when they were lying in bed, legs tangled, her hair a beautiful mess and his sheets disheveled. But it was perfect. She was perfect.

“I miss my mom.” He said on one of these nights. It’d come out of left field if he had to be honest. They’d both gotten a little more than buzzed on a few glasses of whiskey, and Olivia had been able to lure him to his bedroom with her sweet, sensual kisses.

Olivia lifted her head from his bare chest, eyes glancing at their discarded clothes thrown about the room. She was more focused on him though. Dean Winchester never talked about his family. Well, he would talk about his brother or sister and how annoying they were or how “Sam did this” or “Mels did that”. But he never talked about his parents. At least, not like this. And maybe it was the whiskey or maybe he was feeling extra comfortable after the—incredible—sex. But Olivia didn’t really care about the “why” at the moment. Right now she cared about the fact that Dean Winchester just said something vulnerable to her. Dean never did vulnerable. He avoided that like it was the plague. 

But she watched him. Staying silent and trying to figure out if he’d rather her drop the subject or try to add on to it. He hadn’t moved the arm that was wrapped around her waist yet. He wasn’t making that silly frowny face he got whenever he knew he just said something stupid. Dean was just laying in bed, his eyes fixed to a piece of her hair that he’d been idly playing with. 

“I miss my mum too.” She finally spoke up, her voice had gone husky from the alcohol. Dean lifted his eyes to meet her own. She didn’t say anything after that. Olivia just watched him, slightly tense as she waited to see what he would do. She felt the hand against her back shift and his calloused thumb start to gently rub circles over her skin. He dropped her hair, letting it fall to his chest. He lifted his hand to cup her cheek and smiled. It was a small smile. The kind of soft smile you only give to your lover. Olivia felt her lips curl up in a grin. 

He didn’t say anything else—didn’t need to. Because he knew that she understood him. And she knew that he understood her. That was the beauty of their relationship. Or at least, that’s what Olivia liked to believe. Not even ten words were spoken between them and they just knew. I miss my mom too didn’t just mean I miss my mom too. It meant so much more. It meant a hundred different things. Beautiful, unspoken things. But they didn’t need to be spoken. 

Because Dean knew. And Olivia knew. They understood each other on a level far deeper than either could have ever dreamed. 

And if he kissed her then, and if that kiss led to more kisses. And more kisses led to a few more glasses of whiskey. And if the whiskey led them back to the bed and back to the sheets and back to the ecstasy and warmth and understanding and…

And if Dean looked at her sleeping in his arms after the whiskey and the kisses and everything else, and felt it, he would whisper it to her. 

“I love you…” he would whisper, moving the hair off her face and kissing her cheek one last time before pulling her close to him and drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

And if Olivia thought she heard him say it, she’d have said it was just a dream. But secretly she would whisper back, “I love you too…” and hope that maybe he’d understand.

10. things you said that made me feel like shit (Sevon aka Sam Winchester/Devon Baas)

She never thought about it. Never tried to think about it. And by “it” she meant “him”. And by “never tried to think about” she meant “couldn’t stop thinking about”. It was one night. One stupid…incredible—unforgettable—night. The next morning when she said a quick, “thanks” before turning and practically running out the door, he’d never expected to feel so…shitty. He was sort of used to this. He didn’t always do this, but when he did he knew the routine. Except this time had been different. She had been different. A little bundle of fire and beauty. A goddess if he wasn’t mistaken. She was perfect to him. Everything about her was perfect. Her laugh and smile, her frown, the way she held her gun or the way she would give him that “I don’t believe you” look. And if he had to admit, he definitely enjoyed the way she walked…especially her legs and…everything else. 

But one word. “Thanks.” Yeah, he never thought one stupid word could make him feel like a complete ass. They’d known each other for a couple of weeks. He liked the town she worked in and decided to stick around. Dean was doing something with Olivia and Melody had business with Cas and the kids. So, why not take a mini vacation? 

They got along easily. Devon was smart. Devon was funny. Devon was just…perfect. Sam honestly didn’t believe in love at first sight. And it wasn’t love he’d felt last night but it had been…something. But now? Now he felt like shit. 

So when he got up from the bed, half dressed and still half awake, and chased her to the door. he hoped this would be a sign that he wanted much more than just one night. “Wait, wait!” He’d called after her, catching her small arm in his large hand, “Devon…I…”

And she hated herself. This wasn’t what she’d wanted. Sure she wanted him, what woman wouldn’t. But she didn’t want him to chase after her. She didn’t want to hear him say her name again, or feel his hand on her again, or have to look up at those stupid eyes. Because God help her she wanted him again. And again, and again, and again until they were both so sick of each other all they could think about was each other. 

But Devon didn’t do this. Couldn’t do this. Not with him. Not after he’d shown her his life. Not after she’d seen what he really did. That had just been a glimpse into his life. She barely peaked through the curtains and saw only shadows. And she was so afraid that if she said yes, if she turned around and gave into what her body was screaming for, she would get caught up in Sam Winchester again and forget about the consequences. 

No more broken hearts. No more Mr. Maybe. 

So when she shook off his hand and kept her eyes to the floor, she had to tell herself over and over that this was for the best. This was the right choice. And when Sam persisted, when he grabbed her shoulders and spun her around and made her look at him, she had to make another choice. 

“Devon please can we just…”

“No.” She said to him. Stern and stiff. Devon backed up, shaking his hands off her. He was going to keep following her. She knew he would. Damnit Winchester just give it up already. Devon swallowed the lump in her throat and fought her tears. She needed to hurt him. She needed him to hate her so he would stay away. So they could both live better lives. So they wouldn’t get hurt even worse. “Like I said. Thanks.” Devon turned to leave the motel room and threw over her shoulder, “Bye Sam.”

He watched the door slam. He watched her silhouetted form walk past the window. He listened for her car engine. He listened until he couldn’t hear her anymore. 

And when all he heard was the low rumbling of the air conditioning and the distant whir of passing cars on the highway, he started to get dressed for the day. And when he checked out of the motel room and he gave the clerk a quick “thanks” he realized just how much he hated that word. 

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Video: Sevon feat. Propain – “Everything” [@sevonsawesome @propain713]

When you look as if you’re enjoying a new status in life, you’re bound to look like newcomer Sevon in his “Everything” video with Propain.

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