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Santa Mikage & The Black Rose Elves coming to steal Christmas

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me, pointing at Reo and Mikage: ikuhara secondary villains is the same

(they both do morally bad and violent things in the name of preserving a past memory of a person they love. and they are emotionally unable to grasp how their vision/desires are imcompatible with Reality. and this weakness is exploited by the real Big Bad)

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RGU D&D AU: Souji Mikage

DISCLAIMER: This is a starter character sheet for 5th Edition. It has not been play tested. Feel free to tweak it or add on to it as needed.

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Inktober Day 26: Souji Mikage - Prof. Nemuro

A shadow of his former self

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Utena AMV by Rym DeCoster

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i love the black rose arc

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Souji Mikage (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) 
» November 30

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Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ Episode 22 ~ Nemuro Memorial Hall

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Black rose ending.

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I Am an Imaginary Living Body

Episode: 23
Opponent: Souji Mikage
Second: None
Audiology Page
Table of Contents

Burning in darkness, puppets being born and
Each of them given an anthropocentric name.
Someone pulls the worldly strings;
Something that controls the world,
All the rest is some imagined puppet-art.

Freezing in darkness, creatures being born and
Classified into anthropocentric schemes.
On the stage of nature we
Find existence’s origin,
Built about some imagined creature-art.

Words are born, then they meet,
Then dissolve to hesitant wandering.
Knowledge born, meets itself,
Then is overtaken and is meaningless.

Oh, where am I, when am I, who am I, will you not answer me?
Incantations, spells and prayers will all lead to me
Destiny and stagecraft; a magic-art still mirroring

Protean! Full moon! Phantasmal! Mystery!
I’m an imaginary living body, coming to its death
Protean! Full moon! Phantasmal! Mystery!
I’m an imaginary living body, coming to its death

Chasing time, wandering, without ever resting
Living on in the hollowest of bodies
Pining for the land, a yet-limbless body wandering
Somehow still existing, barely visible or tangible
Sighing out my shallow breath

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Since I can see Mikage having stoyline in Adolescence similar to Black Rose manga chapter, I decided to play around with his uniform too. Though I am really fond of black in general, I think I’ve read somewhere (I don’t remember where, I’m sorry D:) full-black uniform in Adolescence was reserved for Touga because he wasn’t alive anymore. That’s why I put Ruka in full black too and I considered it for Nanami - not because she is dead but because of her connection to her brother.

But you know who would be in full black in Adolescence too? Who is not alive anymore? Mamiya. So Mikage got three versions here. One black, as the most of the uniforms in Adolescence, one deep royal blue, that one is just the variation of his uniform in the series, and my personal favourite - wine red. I like this option the best when I think of Mamiya in black by his side but that may be just my preference.

For the details, I just altered things like buttoning on the side since they use this type in Adolescence a lot. (and I love buttoning on the side, I am biased). Also Mikage got epaulettes and those dangly things because he didn’t have them in the anime and he deserves some.

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There's this girl [Wakaba] that I like, but she's with someone else, and I don't understand why, but I know that she'll come crawling back to me.


Get the fuck out of my office you incel.

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I, I think I'm depressed.


Your only option is the revolutionize the world.

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Oh boy. For episode 22 Momo isn’t giving me opinions. He’s asking questions and talking to himself. I transcribed as much as I could. This was definitely an interesting thought process to listen to. I’ll be bolding the first few words or sentence for every individual thought stream he spoke. Just to keep things separate. 

 Akio and Mikage have been there for I don’t know how many years?
Apparently you stop aging at that school?

They killed 100 people, and I’m not sure why they did that.

I noticed the butterfly in the elevator the first time, and now they keep pointing it out. I don’t know what that’s supposed to symbolize. The passage of time? I don’t know.

There was a lot in this episode. Some of it was a bit confusing.

But it seems like they’re looking for what? Like a way to live forever or something? Kind of seems like the gist of it. But. I don’t know. 

And why did they have to kill 100 people? Was it to fuel whatever the hell it is that is keeping everybody from becoming an adult? Because that’s how I understood it.

Mamiya and Tokiko are supposed to be siblings, they don’t look like siblings at all.

Mikage is definitely Professor Nemuro. But how did he get to where he is now, because obviously a lot of time has passed.

They all had the rose crest too. So they all must have had something to do with Akio, because he mentioned contracts but I don’t know what they are. So obviously he seems to be the architect of making the school the way it is, with how you don’t age.

I thought Kanae’s father was the chairman? How is he the chairman if Akio has been here the whole time? Is Kanae Akio’s daughter? You can’t be your daughter’s fiance. It doesn’t work like that.

Tokiko was leaving flowers on Mamiya’s grave? But he’s not dead? But he should be dead by now because he had a disease that was killing him. Or did it not because he was at the school and stopped aging so that stopped whatever was happening with the disease? Or maybe he’s been dead this whole time and we’ve just been seeing Mikage hallucinating. I don’t know. It’s really fucking weird.   (MY BOY CAUGHT ON WITHOUT ME SAYING ANYTHING)

Akio knows about the Black roses? He has to know they’re trying to kill his sister? Is she even his sister? I don’t know. Why would he let that happen?

Also is End of the World Akio? Probably. If you ask me. (I’m dying with his predicts.)

So we’ve got one more episode from the Black Rose saga and I cannot WAIT to see what he thinks. Also I know he didn’t talk about Utena, but her holding Balloon Chuchu is too good to leave out.

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We got through episode 19!!

I was waiting for this twist to see how Momo handled it, and I wasn’t nearly as disappointed as the Shiori episode.
This update will just have 1 post with the 5 most relevant characters. 

Mikage: As soon as Tatsuya started going down the elevator I was like “Oh that’s what’s about to happen” but I guess he didn’t fit the bill? He didn’t have what they needed in his heart. He just didn’t have the qualifications. So Mikage calls him a good person and turns him away. 

Saionji: WHY? I figured he’d show back up, but not in this context. What the hell is he doing with Wakaba when he was fanatical about Anthy? I don’t get that, what is he doing there, it’s gotta be a ploy to get something. Probably. I think?

Tatsuya: I mean. He seems like a nice guy, and hoooooly shit do I feel bad for him on that one. Like, he didn’t deserve that. At all. I thought, there was a little bit where I was like “oh ok, they’re gonna get together,” but then a little way through I was like “oh they’re not on the same page.” I honestly thought at some point that she was thinking about Utena. I did not see it being Saionji at all. It’s just not right. Are we in an alternate universe? I did not see that coming. 

Wakaba: Oh my god. I. *Sigh* I don’t get her. I didn’t get her this episode. I did not understand. She clearly liked him. What was the 360 about? I don’t get that. Something’s gotta be up with her. I don’t know. That’s just weird. Or maybe women are just unpredictable. I don’t know. 

Utena: I still love Utena. Utena IS best girl. She just seems very responsible. Very nice. I like her. 

We finished this episode up, and the following exchange occured.

Me: Would you like to watch one more tonight?
Momo: Yes. Yes I would. Absolutely. Because I need to have some context on why the hell he’s there. 

So we went ahead and tackled the Wakaba Duelist episode last night. I’ll be uploading that shortly!

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The last set of updated opinions from episode 15!

Mikage: He’s the one that keeps turning them against everybody? He gives off the villain vibe. I think he’s not good. He’s not good for them at all. I don’t know what he’s trying to do yet, but I don’t like it. He’s trying to kill somebody, which is a dick move. Something’s not right. I think he’s kind of conceited. 

Mamiya: So first off, I don’t believe that’s a boy at all. That’s a girl and you can’t tell me otherwise. It’s hard to get a read on them. I haven’t seen them too much and I haven’t been given much to go off of. It feels like they’re second to Mikage. They’re just kind of going along with whatever Mikage wants to do. It’s seems like they don’t care whatever they’re doing as long as they’re doing it with Mikage. 

Utena: I still like Utena. I think she’s doing what she thinks is right. She’s nice to Anthy, even though Anthy just does not give anybody anything to work with. She’s good people. I like her. She’s definitely best girl so far. 

Part 3 of 3

We should be working up to episode 17 tonight. I can’t wait to see how his opinion on Shiori changes. :x

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