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Just one quick post for episode 18.

Tsuwabuki: He’s just a kid. Everyone has felt like they need to be an adult already. Every kid gets tired of being “just a kid.” I get that. Relatable. Definitely going about it the wrong way though.

Mari: She’s meddlesome. I mean obviously she likes Tsuwabuki, but she’s also going about it the wrong way. She’s really annoying, to Tsuwabuki anyway. 

I didn’t expect much on these two anyway, but I thought it would still be fun to get his opinions. :)

We’ll be working through the rest of the Black Rose saga shortly.

Part 1 of 1.

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Moving on to the next set of characters through episode 9 for review. 

Momo’s opinions are definitely interesting to hear! His opinions on these 3 were pretty short, but I guess that’s to be expected based on the episodes we watched. 

Keiko: Not much to say here. They’re just bullies. I don’t like them. 

Saionji: The guy is just crazy. Honestly. 

Tsuwabuki: He’s kind of annoying, he just let her, Nanami, walk all over him. He’s a pushover. 

Part 2 of 4

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If you don’t want to give every last Black Rose Duelist a big hug and an assurance that everything will be all right, I don’t want to know you.

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Revolutionary Girl Utena 30 Day Challenge

23. Favorite minor character?

Tsuwabuki-kun. He is intelligent, cute, brave and honestly dedicated himself to Nanami. I think if he remains like that when he grows up, his girlfriend will be very lucky. She will never get bored with him around. I mean, look at this.

The last panel. Priceless.

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Episode 18: Mitsuru’s Growing Pains

 Anthy being completely subtle. 

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