#and ang cute nya as always although mejo hindi pangfancy restaurant ang suot nya haha
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Jason and I went to Mango Tree

It was very fancy. It’s our first fancy restaurant date. The interior design was dazzling and the other customers there looked like they could easily pay for my medical education in a whim (to be clear, mango tree is in BGC, all people there look wealthy). The food that they sell there is normally out of our price range. It’s just that this time, I had my father’s 1k mango tree gift certificates. He got it in one of his lawyer conferences.

The staff were very accommodating. Our waitress actually recommended what we ate. They also kept our glasses filled with cold service water.

We ordered Twice Cooked Southern Chicken with Turmeric Rice and we divided it between us (it was half a chicken big). We also ordered Chicken Satay and Mango Sticky Rice. The twice cooked southern chicken was served with two sauces, one tasted sweet while the other was green and tasted like minty atsara. It was served with yellow rice that didn’t taste like anything out of the ordinary. The Chicken Satay is a grilled chicken served with peanut butter sauce. And our dessert, Mango Sticky Rice was sweet. It was made of colored sticky rice coated in coconut sauce and served with a ripe mango. All in all, our bill was 1,503 and we paid with the GCs and 503 in cash.

We left the restaurant feeling full and satisfied. It was an experience that went better than expected. We then went to the Bonifacio High Street cinemas to watch Xmen: Dark Phoenix.

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