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Went coursing today! The course length was 850 yards and had several jinks in it. The club leaders asked if I could help out, and that’s how I ended up in charge of the string all day. I basically just made sure that when it was being reeled in it didn’t tangle, and when the course was being reset it didn’t free spin. I used my foot (as seen in the photo) probably once, then switched to using a block of wood as a brake. I’m glad I did that because the friction wore grooves in the wood, and my little area smelled like campfire all day. The downside is that I had to pay attention to the string so I couldn’t watch the dogs. XD

On a side note, when I started to pull my stuff out of the car to set up, I noticed that things were strangely… wet… in my trunk. My car was in the shop pretty much all last week and came back smelling very powerfully of mildew. I’ve had to drive with my windows down so I don’t gag. Well apparently one or both of my gallon water jugs leaked and completely emptied and soaked my towels, Bindi’s blankets, my crate, and my trunk pad in water for a week. Hence the smell. I am currently running everything through a second wash and hoping that takes care of things. Not sure what I’m going to do about my trunk pad yet.

More positively, Bindi did great! She was very excited, and as soon as I released her she was off like a shot. On her first run (wearing blue in Singles) she wasn’t prepared for the first turn and lost the lure. I could hear her bark as soon as it turned. She ran back to me, but the lure operator told me to take her out and encourage her, so B and I ran out to the lure and I said “get it get it!” and she went “oh okay!” and took off again and finished the rest of the course.

For her second run (wearing red in Singles) she ran like a star. Did the entire thing by herself and only needed a bit of encouragement at the end when she was looking for me. As soon as I shouted “get it get it!” she went back to chasing it and finished perfectly. Of the Singles dogs, she had the lowest score since she’d needed encouragement, but I’m just so terribly proud of her for running that long course, at a huge distance from me, twice, that I don’t care at all. She’s the bestest girl.

On the down side, she re-tore the pads she’d torn earlier this week. They’d looked healed so I’d decided to chance it, but it was the wrong choice. Oh well. We don’t have any shows lined up for the rest of December, so she’ll have plenty of time to recover.

I of course got her a Burger King patty on the way home.

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The second of the three Singles runs B got to do today. Since she was the only dog in her class, she automatically came in first place. XD

She so loves this sport.

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Went to a (non-AKC) lure coursing trial today! Miss B got to race in Singles, and since she was the only dog in her class, she took home first place. XD

A greyhound owner was kind enough to let me borrow one of her red jackets for B to wear. Bindi really, really loves this sport, and now knows what a generator looks and sounds like. She started barking as soon as she saw it.

Smoke from one of California’s big fires has made it to my area, so the air quality has been rated Unhealthy to Hazardous all day, so that was a thing. I opted not to attend the second day of the trial, because my throat doesn’t feel so hot, and I imagine B feels the same. Still, the day was lots of fun.

I’ll put up the video of one of her runs in another post.

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