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On the first drawing , I didn’t do any studies and I rushed my art because I just wanted to get it done. On the second , I erased all the color layers and started from scratch again but with patience this time and so managed to get a much better result.

Don’t rush your art, take time between the lines and the colors, make studies, and be patient! Art takes time sometimes and that’s OK .

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As September approaches I think about that time I heard a rumour that Thomas wanted to release the new Sanders Sides in August…

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If you’re upset about @kaseythegolden ’s portrayal of black ppl in her art


Theres no harm and if u wanna make a difference dont avoid it, u need to face something head on to make a change.

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when will the ask pile be released


//…can you be patient? You do know I have a life outside of this blog and drawing takes TIME. Just because I say its almost ready, it doesn’t mean it IS ready. Be. P a t i e n t.

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Hello! If one is going to request a commission with two characters, how much would the extra character be? Like 25% or 50%? Thank you!


no discount cause at the end of the day im still drawing 2 characters

edit: to clarify, an extra character would cost the same as the first character. No added fees or discounts

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that feel when you had a concept sketched but then you had to ditch the colors and line it because a print shop said no more than 4 colors

but then one print shop says ‘go wild’ and your parents now want the original sketch and colors cleaned oh and also I have this evening to do it and that’s it

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‪louis is really out there loving his louies and updating them and thanking them for their patience even though he doesn’t have to !!!

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Me: I don’t have time to post art because I’m working on this project, but that’s fine. I’ll just post more when I’m done with the project! I will not settle with shitposting, I want my real art that takes time to make to be the art that people see :)

Also me:

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I told this person (an old high school friend) I’d maybe paint her portrait of her new son (never painted a baby before) after the holidays. So she posts this bullshit. Is it just me or is this super rude?? Yeah they’re just cartoons but they’re hand painted and customized. And she made me re paint the portrait of her daughter because she didn’t like it!!! And five years ago I painted her a bunch of portraits of her her husband and her pets. Now she has kids and I painted her daughter two years ago and it was hard for me and I only made twenty bucks! When I spent like sixty and then shipped it to her!

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Did anybody ever draw Keanu Reeves being haunted by high schoolers?


@wondlalovin is workin on it right now!! i’m holding her to her promise don’t worry, but give her time ✌🏻

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i got super distracted by life. Gonna get back to work on those requests in a bit

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with a blank page out for 40 mins, i have now got a pencil in my hand. this is how real art is people

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What did the undertale fandom do this time


irritated and pressured an artist to their breaking point and made them so angry they quit their ut animation

The description of his video explains it better here


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Drawing that weird pace ship from the 50 second teaser for The Answer. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WINDOWS?

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It may be September but that won’t stop me from making Christmas presents right now

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i really should be participating in mikayuus week so my art may get noticed by more people,,, but,,,,

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referring to my other post, I remember at the workshop I went to a while back, Artgerm was talking, and someone asked if he used reference

“Of course, I’m not Kim Jung Gi”

Like come on even big artists use references too.

Kim Jung Gi is probably one of the few that doesn’t use reference and like the only reason why is because he studied how to draw all of this for 20+ years

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I wouldn’t ask someone to paint my walls without fully intending to pay them for their time and resources.

I wouldn’t ask someone to build me furniture without fully intending to pay them for their time and resources.

I wouldn’t ask someone to perform any service for me without fully intending to pay them for their time and resources.

And I hope YOU wouldn’t ask ME to create a painting for you without fully intending to pay me for my time and resources.

Get it?

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I need to stop dicking around on the Internet and finish my goddamn poem.

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today my dad dropped his wallet in a layby he would have lost all his credit cards and all personal information.But someone found it and they brought it to our house this has restored my faith in humanity a completely selfless act.

plus i learnt something in double chemistry which NEVER happens,completed my art coursework and have 2 bags of frozen raspberries ,2 lovely new pairs of earrings and a new nail varnish so today has been good 

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