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Okay! :D

AU where they can just be happy dammit

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(OB) Modding

Last pic, i edited textures and something weird happened.. I don’t get this head mesh xD

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( ★ ▽ ★ )ノ

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“Ghost” by White Light, Avelyn https://ift.tt/2m233ct

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✦  hair || brows || earings || top || lipstick  ✦

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White Light - 'Ghost' (feat. Avelyn)

White Light – ‘Ghost’ (feat. Avelyn)

‘Ghost’ is the latest track from White Light. The artist, from Calgary, Canada, whose real name is Brandon Linkewich, started his journey as an electronic artist at the age of 13, when he bought his first pair of DJ decks. Soaking up a world including the likes of Tiësto, Deadmau5, and Laidback Luke, he saw his destiny in dance music.

The name White Light was revealed to Brandon while still in…

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Belated Mother’s Day themed pic ;u; A lovin’ hug I think both of ‘em need <3

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Incoming post flood! Sort of.

To start us off this is the character artwork for an ARPG over on dA called Starborn Alignment. I’d highly recommend y’all look it up, there’s some REALLY talented artists/creative designs over there that I’m constantly inspired by! And I’ve been trying to get back into the flow of writing, but since I always seem to do so better when I’m writing with others, I figured I’d give this a shot.

(Character Theme)

This is Lyn (formerly went by Avelyn), a former slave liberated by a faction called the Vindicators. She spent most of her early life not knowing her parents (she was separated from her mother at about a few days old) and her father was sent out to work in the fields. Up until the last six months of her life in the present day lore she’d been a slave, and was forever marked as having grown up in slavery on the same day she was liberated. Lyn is equal parts nervous wreck and stubborn go-getter, and I’m really hoping she gets accepted into the group; it’ll be fun exploring her character there!

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Hey look it’s my 4 children
Joshua, Kai, Avelyn, and Fauna
Hurt them and I will fight

Kinda didn’t want Chloe anymore oops


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Done did a doodle of my elf OC Avelyn bc I haven’t drawn a full-body of her digitally yet

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So I have an elf OC called Avelyn that I’m still yet to make a reference picture for, but have some shoulder/bust shots in the meantime.

She’s a real sweetheart, she’s not meant to look angry here lol

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name moodboard - Avelyn

meaning: given names Avis and Aveline

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OK so @azuka-blafefury asked for for about my siren undead lady so here goes some rambling with many typos cuz I’m on my.phone Ok so! Avelyn was a pretty popular stage performer, mostly as a singer (all 50’s style type stuff) and her pops had a big grudge with the head another family, they both were trying to outdo one another and be the big name in town (but like they were still working class farming type folks they just had lots of land etc so they were never really gonna be big to begin with) This rivalry escalated and due to a good amount of idiocy, bad luck and misunderstanding the rival family ended up hiring a contract killer and tied a chain the Avelyns leg and drowned her, she was never meant to die just be made an example of but yeah… Neither family were sure what happened to her. Some of the two families ended up dead also, some ended up worgen and both families ended up collapsing under the weight of their actions and it was just one big mess. Avelyn eventually “awoke” and found the entire city and surrounding towns were undead.
She is currently singing again (with the aid of some banshee-esque trickery to make up for her heavily damaged throat) and has disowned her idiot father and has a microphone stand made our of the spine of the head of the rival family

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fun fact: Avelyns “face” is made of porcelain

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Bound by Blood And Fate

Kurogh - Hunger
Kurogh was a dragon of power, of fear, of emptiness. He strove for recognition when his brilliance wasn’t noted, and it drove him down a path with no end. He was Kurosia’s greatest Warlord, but that wasn’t enough for him. He became King, but that wasn’t enough. He sired a Seuth, and still it was not enough. Forever hungry for greatness, it was that hunger that destroyed him and his people.

Avelyn - Cinders
A child of tragedy and luck, the sole survivor of Kurogh’s bloodline. Out of the large clutch of six eggs, it was her egg that was picked. Her egg that was stolen in afterthought. Raised in Darkness that her people fought to control and regulate, she was given the degrading name, the mocking name, of “Cynder” as she was the last embers of a dying race. Despite her upbringing, she fights to make a new name for her people, even if it turned her against them.

Voteil - Failure
Soothsayer, one of heart. A child so young, one that could not even comprehend the horrors shown onto him. He tried so desperately to save at least one egg, one sibling, but he had failed. Taken, broken, left in snow. He did not escape with his sister, but he did save her from death. His guilt haunts him, leaves the poor child to wonder the castle to watch over his family until Bhailiu’s wings carries him to the Veil.

Feuriah - Lost
Queen born in hate, reborn in blood and ash. Wanting so desperately to follow in Athrenna’s footsteps, Feuriah fought hard to protect what the past Queen had worked so hard to keep balanced. Yet fate refused to acknowledge her sacrifices, despite her loyalty, her true heart. Born with purpose, to be a savior, only to lose everything in betrayal. A mother with more dead that living. A Queen with no people, A Queen broken and shattered, A Queen lost.

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Warmup sketchness. Decided to use @fyrrdetelemagna ‘s Clai, @themageandthemonk ‘s Avelyn and my very own trashbaby monkypoo to get some practice in before continuing work on a long overdue commission. GOT ME ALL LIMBERED UP AND READY TO DRAW. Also I drew Saitama because starting simple is important. 


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A Fire Hotter Than Any Dragon’s: Chapter seven

Chapter seven: Lilac

   The rest of the week went by quickly. I haven’t been able to see Remus the entire time, though I suppose that was partially my fault; I didn’t want to go over in case I was interrupting anything. I spent half of my work hours alone and the rest with Neville wondering where Mrs. Sprout had run off to. The closer Easter came, the more customers came in. I didn’t know what his Easter was, but apparently it was important to have flowers. Neville, however, informed me that Valentine’s day was much worse, but we were actually passed that, so no need to worry for a while.

    Friday came and the work day was over rather quickly. As thankful as I was for that, I was sort of dreading seeing the movie with Percy.

   Percy seemed nice and all, but Neville told me that what we were doing was considered a date. And apparently dates were for people who had a mutual interest in each other, which wasn’t us. I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea, but maybe it won’t be too bad if his siblings were there. Especially Charlie. It seems somewhat wrong to me now, but I figured out that I was developing feelings for Charlie. When I confided in Neville, he just said that sometimes people say stupid things when they’re nervous, but I was still unsure about the whole thing. A part of me was fighting against that instinct saying it was okay to date a human.

   My mind often wandered to the man I’d seen at the beach. Even though I stared at him for so long, I don’t really remember anything specific about him. I feared that if I asked anyone about him, they’d shove me back in that safe house again. Two years of that house was enough for me, thank you.

   Just as I was cleaning up for closing, I heard the bell ring and I looked over. A tall man entered; having to be over six feet. He had an old feeling to him, but he looked so young, not even close to his forties. He was definitely handsome, a somewhat feminine touch to his being. His eyes were golden and sharp, taking in everything he possibly could before landing on me.

   "Good afternoon, madam.“

   "I– good afternoon sir,” I murmured upon finding my words.

   His voice was so familiar.

   "I’m looking to buy some flowers for a very special someone today. Do you think you can help me out?“ he inquired smoothly, eyes scanning the shop again.

   "I’m sure I can,” I answered, watching him walk around. Neville was out watering the rest of the flowers. “What is it that you’re looking for?”

   "Beg pardon if I’m wrong, but you have quite the accent, don’t you?“ he commented suddenly, catching me off guard.

   "Uh well… I suppose…”

   "Romanian, no?“

   "I don’t know,” I admitted.

   "You don’t know where you grew up?“ he asked incredulously.

   "I… moved around a lot,” I murmured quietly, adjusting my apron.

   "I see… All right. I’m looking for something that says ‘our love is pure’,“ he finally said, pausing at the red roses before moving on.

   "Uh well, white carnations could do the trick. Or even white irises. Both mean purity,” I informed the stranger, watching him closely.

   He wore strange clothing. Very formal; like he was trying to showoff. His hair was pitch black and somewhat long, held back with a golden ribbon, tied in a small bow.

   "White irises it is then,“ he decided, going over to the irises. "Oh, but it seems you’re out.”

   "I can go get some more. How many do you want?“

   "One. Only one,” he replied.

   "All right,“ I murmured calmly, locking the register and taking the key with me as I went outside.

   It didn’t take me long to find the irises, they stuck out. I found a healthy looking one, clipped it, and made my way back in. When I reentered the shop, he was looking at the ribbon selection.

   "Could you tie a gold ribbon on it?” he inquired calmly.

   "Sure. Do you want it wrapped?“

   "No need,” he chuckled, stepping back so that I could cut the ribbon. “You have such beautiful hair, my dear,” he said, suddenly rather close to me.

   I slipped out of the way, clutching the scissors tightly.

   "Avelyn? Could you go take care of the dead flowers? I can finish up here,“ Neville said, seeming to have suddenly entered the shop.

   I nodded and put the scissors and ribbon down, handing the key to Neville as I walked passed him outside, taking a moment to calm down before going to do as I was told. I paused. All of the dead flowers were taken care of. I went back into the shop through the back door and waited in the back room, watching the monitors for the stranger to leave before slowly going up front.

   "Sorry, Ava,” Neville apologized.

   "Why are you apologizing?“ I grumbled, pulling my long hair over my shoulder and rubbing my fingers through it.

   "I saw him enter the shop. I should have come in sooner, honestly; he gave me the creeps,” he mumbled, shaking his head.

   "You couldn’t have known,“ I sighed quietly. "How about we just close up shop?”

   "Sure thing, Ava.“

   I thought about changing my clothes, but I really didn’t see the point. I figured jeans and a t-shirt was okay for any occasion thus far and saw no point in wasting a perfectly good pair f clothes that I could war tomorrow for work. I did, however, decide to brush my teeth again. I don’t know what it is about brushing your teeth, but I just find it relaxing. I rinsed off my tooth brush and put it away, but paused when I looked at the mirror. I didn’t see me. Well, I did, but not the current me. I saw child me, wearing some sort of gown with expensive looking jewelry on. Someone was brushing out my hair.

    The stranger leaned down and murmured, "You have such beautiful hair.”

   I punched the mirror in a panic, but then just sat there for a short while, bleeding knuckles pressed against the broken glass. When the knock on the door finally processed in my head, I removed my hand, allowing the broken glass to fall into the wink. Not thinking about the mirror, I went and answered the door in somewhat of a daze.


   I stared at Charlie for what felt like the longest time.

   "Hey, Ava. Percy wanted to come, but I told him it was safer the less people that knew where you lived– Is that blood? Are you bleeding? Ava, what happened?“ Charlie inquired quickly, gently taking my hand.

   It felt numb, so I really didn’t feel anything but tired.

   "I… don’t remember,” I mumbled, looking down at my hand.

   Charlie brought a hand to my forehead and frowned.

   "You don’t have a fever, but you seem really out of it. Percy will have to wait until tomorrow to have his date,: he decided, slowly leading me over to the couch and sitting me down. “Sit right here for a bit while I go get some medical supplies,’ he murmured going off into the bathroom.

   I sat silently, looking at my bleeding knuckles. What a familiar pain. When he returned, he regarded me silently for longer than I cared for before sitting next to me and putting my hand on his leg.

   "Do you want to take about it?” he murmured gently, taking a bottle of peroxide.

   When I said nothing, he dipped a cotton swab in the chemical and said softly, “this is going to hurt.”

   I continued to sit there in silence and only flinched when he started lightly dabbing my wounds. It stung, though I suppose it still felt pretty numb. I recalled Remus saying that adrenaline can do that to you. I thought back to when I first arrived at the safe house. The memories were vague and a tad blurry, but I very clearly remember feeling cornered and scared, so I did what I did best and lashed out.

   I don’t remember how, but I was hurt. I didn’t fell the pain. All I felt was the adrenaline rushing through my veins, then blackness. It was later that Remus informed me of the effects of adrenaline.

   I tensed when I felt Charlie wrapping my knuckles in the gauze, snapping me out of my thoughts., I watched him, his face, as he worked. He seemed clearly concerned about something. Remus said that it’s healthy to voice one’s concerns, not keep it boxed in.

   "Tell me what’s on your mind.“

   Charlie looked up in surprise. He opened his mouth to say something, but apparently thought better of it for he just looked back down at my wrapped up hand to tape it.

   "I’m worried about you, Avelyn,"he admitted.

   "Why?” I inquired softly.

   Charlie sat there for a bit longer before gathering the medical supplies and starting for the bathroom. He paused before he could disappear and said, “Because you mean a lot to me.”

   I watched him turn the corner and I slowly looked down at my hand. Why did I punch the mirror? Why did I have to worry him?

   "I have to go tell Percy that you guys can watch your movie tomorrow.“ Charlie mumbled, suddenly going straight for the door.

   I watched him o with a small amount of confusion and hurt in my heart.

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This thing looks incredibly unsafe and I love it.

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Team project ~~~~

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