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full name: georgia mae hawkins
birthday & age: october 31, 1993 / 26 (nearly)
pronouns: she + her
hometown: dallas, tx
occupation: comedian / actress

face claim: debby ryan 

short character summary:
 baby of her overachieving family / consummate disappointment / chronic insomniac, is always awake at 4am / will send 17 texts in a row, does not care about looking clingy or codependent (read as: she is both of those things) / has hedonistic self care tendencies n luvs 2 party / gives the worst advice in the world but MEANS well / can’t do even one (1) single thing for herself / is basically a giant baby masquerading as an adult / uses her mental health issues to be funny but ?? they are real and she’s absolutely not dealing w them!!

wanted plots:
codependent boyfriend (listen…. josh dun or bust man), disaster squad, overachiever siblings, concerned friends, fellow funny people, coworkers on her tv show etc. etc.

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Georgia Mae Thomas

25, journalist, Lucy Boynton

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❛doggy shenanigans❜ ❧ georgia & sonja

@rxzberries​ ;

.: ♫ — Today was a decent day to go out at the park. It was a bit chilly, but nothing that she couldn’t handle– at least yet. She never really did like cold.  But she was feeling restless that day, and so she wanted to go outside. Sonja did debate on taking Zachi with her on her walk, but she had a feeling that it might be a bad idea. And Sonja wasn’t that reckless to ignore something like that.

So here she was, outside. Sonja always found it amusing when she could see her breath as she was outside. It never really happened at the island, so she felt like a little kid whenever she did. A loud bark made her snap back to reality, making her jump slightly from how startled she was. And then she saw the source of that bark.

It was headed right her way.

Sonja stood frozen as the dog bounded towards her, unsure of how to really respond other than to run away.

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A drop in the ocean / georgia & Tristan

The crash of the waves filled the silence, quieting the noise that came from inside the house, a mix of chatter and music. She could hear someone telling a funny story, but the voice was muffled, the details and events kept to those inside of the building. Georgia was welcomed there but needed a moment, having spent her waking hours with different members of the group and while she enjoyed their company, it felt nice to have a moment to herself. To breathe and enjoy the scent of saltwater, the gentle breeze that went through her hair. Her mother would always talk about how peaceful it was being by the water and she’d felt that growing up, having lived close enough to the ocean that they would visit regularly. Being here was nostalgic, though the beach and the group differed, it still held some of that childhood magic that she’d grown to love.

Her attention shifted as the balcony door opened and she turned towards the noise, knowing who it’d be before seeing him there, a smile on her lips. “You don’t have to check on me,” she reassured. “Promise. I’m doing okay.” Her gaze fell back to the waves, admiring them for a moment. “It’s so pretty here.”

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Tiny Paws || Georgia & Kamil


Kamil was just minding his own business when he saw one of the stray cats that hung around Bluebell lounging about. That stray had been pregnant for a while now, so he was eagerly waiting for the kittens to finally arrive. Walking over to Queen with a smile, he pulled out his small bag of cat food labeled ‘Queen’ as it was portioned just for her. 

Though when he started pouring some of it on the ground next to her, he noticed that she wasn’t clamoring for food as usual. In fact, she was kind of fidgety. That… Was certainly different. Queen settled into a nearby grass patch, though it seemed that she still felt on edge. While normally the cat would approach him, meowing for attention, today that wasn’t the case. And Kamil was starting to have an idea why.

Going over to Georgia’s house, he knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. And once the door swung open…

Gigi, I think Queen is giving birth…” Kamil said quietly, his gaze drifting to where the cat was resting. She was cleaning herself. Though his expression was still a little more straightfaced, the tone in his voice made it clear how worried he was.

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Sunflowers || Sunset Ranch


Frey’s next destination was Sunset Ranch. Making sure her flower crown didn’t fall on the way there, she arrived to Georgia already passing out flowers.

Maybe she should stop being late for these things?

With a shrug, she approached the group and handed them each a single sunflower. The flowers were all so pretty, and she didn’t want to have them miss out on the fun after all!

Frey grinned as she said, “Happy Flower Festival! I hope you guys like your flowers!”

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"Don't look at me like that, you brought this on yourself."


Kora wasn’t sure which way in particular she had been looking at Georgia, but green orbs had caught the others in the mirror. She had been examining the damage done from the guards. She sported a cut lip and bruised cheek from the brutal slap she’d received from Roderick. Glancing away from the younger shewolf, she cupped water in her hands before splashing it against her face. 

“He said I’ll be unrentable for the next few days…” She commented as she idly poked at the bruising. “I kind of like that thought.” A small, bitter smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

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Swamped myself under with work and now im on destress, had such a hectic week, how do you relieve stress quick?

Chocolate. Cats. Chocolate while watching cute videos of cats. I have recs for both.

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Girls Like Girls Like Boys Do

It’s one of those teenage rights of passage that Marie tells herself she doesn’t miss, but when Georgia comes over one day with the news that she’s been invited to prom, Marie feels a pang of jealousy. Even so, it certainly doesn’t stand in the way of shopping for dresses together or paging through countless magazines, laughing and pointing out makeup ideas. 

But now the day has arrived and they sit huddled together on Georgia’s bathroom floor, whispering and smiling while Marie paints Georgia’s nails, the other girl uncharacteristically jittery.

“Do you think he’ll try to kiss me?”

Marie shrugs, concentrating on painting her friend’s nails with the dark polish. She’s quieter than usual, but for once Georgia doesn’t seem to notice.

“Do you think…” Here she bites her lip. “People do stuff like, rent hotel rooms for after prom, right?”

Marie shrugs again and feels the tiniest bit guilty for ignoring her friends nerves about the whole evening.

‘Or is that a thing that only happens in teen movies?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Marie finally responds quietly, pulling Georgia’s hand a little closer and resting it against her knee for stability. They’re sitting on the tiles under the window, mirror images with one leg tucked under and the other knee-up. The comment succeeds in pulling Georgia out of her uneasy revere and she watches Marie, eyes going a little sad as she registers just how withdrawn her friend looks. And all of a sudden she understands.

“Sorry,” Georgia murmurs quietly, and they watch together as Marie draws the brush over nails, back to front, back to front, and over again. Marie doesn’t look up from her work. She knows this isn’t fair to Georgia, and so with a deep inhale, she resolves to make an effort. 

“Do you want him to rent a hotel room?” She asks finally, letting the ghost of a smile cross her face while she teases. 

The color drains from Georgia’s face and Marie doesn’t quite manage to hold in her laugh, nearly covering the tips of her friend’s fingers in dark plum.

“I haven’t even been kissed,” Georgia admits (with shy eyes and a light blush) and Marie instantly feels bad for laughing. “I don’t think I could handle… Yeah, I’m not, I’m definitely not ready for that. Yet.”

It’s an odd feeling, Marie thinks, having more life experience than Georgia in this area. Even though Georgia is younger by two full years, to Marie she always feels like the older one: more outgoing, more adventurous, more worldly. Suddenly she feels much older than her years, giving the rings on her finger a quick nudge and turn on her hand while she considers it.

“No… probably not.”

“How old were you when you…” It’s Georgia’s turn to shrug, not wanting to finish her sentence. This is new territory for them; they haven’t been friends very long and though they’ve grown faster than either would have expected, this part of their lives is fairly uncharted territory.

Marie gave Georgia a sly (and if she had been anyone else, Georgia would have said flirty) look. “I think you know…”

Georgia swallowed and shook her head, looking back at her nails that Marie had started to paint again. “Not that, I meant your first kiss.”

A chuckle was not the reaction Georgia was expecting. 

“About a month before I got pregnant.”

“WHA…” Georgia’s eyes blew wide and Marie was still chuckling and Georgia joined in, the sounds of their growing laughter reverberating off the tile. “No, are you serious?” Marie nodded, still dutifully trying to apply polish while she shook with laughter. 

“Even more scandalous, it wasn’t even Jackson.”


Marie gave Georgia the same sly grin. “I move pretty fast.” 

And Georgia feels like her heart stops for a moment.

She doesn’t ask right away, lets a few moments to pass, silently watching Marie paint her last nail. With a hard swallow and a press of her lips, Georgia finally ventures:

“Do you… could you… teach me?”

Marie’s eyes flick up to meet Georgia’s, unreadable while she twists the top back onto the nail polish. The blonde squirms and opens her mouth to take it back and apologize, but Marie is already responding and it’s too late.

“Hold up your hand,” the older girl says, setting the little bottle aside and doing the same. Marie’s not really sure she’s qualified for kissing instruction – she’s had no complaints from Jackson obviously, but it’s not as if she has any real and varied experience here – but Georgia is her friend, her only friend, and even though they haven’t been friends long, Marie is certain she’d do just about anything if Georgia asked her to.

Dutifully Georgia obeys, worrying a lip between her teeth while mimicking the way Marie’s brought up her first.

“Okay so… try kissing it like… where your thumb meets your hand…”

“Like where a hand puppet’s mouth would be.”

Marie makes a face and Georgia is already giggling. “Yes. Weird, but… yes,” she says, and Georgia’s laughing louder and Marie can’t help but join her. It’s a much needed break in the tension as Georgia leans in to practice. Her lips press against her own hand and it’s dry and boring and nothing more than skin. Unsatisfied she tries again, listening to Marie shift to sit cross-legged beside her.

“I’m not sure this is helping,” Georgia nearly whines, dropping her hand in frustration.

“Well what were you expecting?!”

“I don’t know! Not this!”

Marie rolls her eyes with a good-natured smile and reaches out for her friend. “Come here.”

Georgia freezes, deer in the headlights. “What?”

“Come here! Give me your hand.” Firm hands grab Georgia’s, holding it steady while Marie licks her lips. “Okay, just… watch.” And before Georgia can say anything, Marie’s softly kissing her fingers and it feels nothing like her own lips felt. It’s almost impossible for her to keep still as Marie’s lips move slowly against her smooth skin, but somehow she manages only a quiet gasp. Marie seems unaffected, but thoughts and ideas gradually click into place in Georgia’s head and she’s not sure if she wants to run or… She swallows, pushing the thought down, watching with rapt attention and forgetting even to breathe while Marie pulls her thumb between plump, reddening lips and sucks gently.


Dark eyes look up at the same time her tongue brushes against Georgia’s knuckle and it’s too much. It’s warmth pooling in Georgia’s belly and thoughts she can’t deal with. She makes a sound somewhere between a gasp and a yelp and it’s enough to have Marie pull back.

“Sorry, you, it just startled me. Sorry.” Georgia’s cheeks burn, shoulders curl inward, and she feels like an idiot. But when she looks at Marie, the girl is smiling, beaming even, and Georgia’s discomfort melts away. The other girl’s smile feels like summer morning breakfasts with waffles and orange juice and sun streaming through open windows. It’s the same contented, relaxed feeling and it settles in her bones. She’s not sure what to think.

Marie’s doesn’t know why she’s smiling like this, except that for some reason she feels… safe. Happy. Like maybe she does fit here, in this town, in this life. It’s an odd feeling, especially given nothing in particular has brought it on that she can discern, other than Georgia and how much this girl trusts her. Strange that should be so important, but it is, and Marie beams, squeezing Georgia’s hand, still damp from her mouth. And when Georgia beams back at her, a warmth blooms in her chest in a way she hasn’t felt since Jackson first told her he loved her.

I finally have a friend, she thinks. A real friend.

“Do you want to try?” Marie asks, and again Georgia goes white as a sheet, eyes unconsciously falling to Marie’s lips; full and pink and slick with peppermint chap stick. She can see when Marie inhales sharply, just short of a gasp, and realizes – she meant with her hand. Her hand, not… and oh, Georgia has never wished harder for the earth to crack open and swallow her whole. But then Marie, lovely and kind Marie, is smiling again, and maybe Georgia is hallucinating, but she would swear Marie’s looking at her lips too and leaning just a tiny bit closer.

Georgia knows Marie’s lips are moving, but it takes seconds longer than it should for the words to register. A soft “Go ahead…,” barely above a whisper, and the younger girl suddenly feels like she’s on fire, flames beginning in her belly and licking outward. Without a word she leans in, lips just barely brushing Marie’s – a contact so negligible that Marie will maintain it didn’t happen – but even that barest of touches is more than Georgia is prepared for. Nothing could have been further from the feeling of kissing her own hand, but before she can press more insistently and mimic Marie’s move of captured lip and swipe of tongue:

“Girls?” a voice calls, followed by a gentle rap at the door. “Almost done? Jack’ll be here any minute.”

“Okay, just a sec, Dad!”

And just like that the spell is broken. Marie’s fidgeting and biting her lip against the smile that refuses to fade as she pushes herself from the floor, reminding Georgia of the wet nail polish when the other girl reaches out for help getting up.

Even years later when lying in bed together and trading kisses, hands settled on hips and around waists and in hair, Marie still contends that their lips never touched on this occasion, no matter how much Georgia disagrees.

“All those years you agreed with me we’d never kissed, and you’re telling me you were just lying?”


“You’re the worst, you know that? The absolute worst.”

“And you were my first kiss.”

Marie’s eyes go from teasing to soft in an instant, brushing hair away from Georgia’s stupid, sappy face with it’s stupid, sappy smile. “Your first kiss…” she repeats softly, brushing her thumb over Georgia’s cheekbone.

The younger woman laughs, pressing a kiss against Marie’s palm.

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Tory & Georgia: [text] Have you ever had chicken nuggets while high? Because it tastes like hearing the Beatles for the first time / [text] He told me he loved me. I didn’t know what to say so i just squirted the baby oil at him


Tory [text] Have you ever had chicken nuggets while high? Because it tastes like hearing the Beatles for the first time. 

Georgia  → Tory: honestly it’s even better with the dino nuggets 
Georgia  → Tory: it’s like being in Jurassic Park but you’re like the godzilla of dinos, ripping their heads off and shit.
Georgia  → Tory: this whole time people thought it was an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs but in reality, it was just you and me, high as fuck with hella munchies 

Tory [text] He told me he loved me. I didn’t know what to say so i just squirted the baby oil at him 

Georgia  → Tory: haven’t you guys told each other the whole “i love you” thing???
Georgia  → Tory: if you wanted him to take his shirt off, he probably would have done it willingly for you 

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❥ // ♩


❥ your muse to cuddle up next to mine while asleep on the couch

Oliver and Georgia had decided that they wanted to see each other more than they had been recently, but instead of going on some crazy adventure, they’d decided to watch a movie. With a bowl of popcorn on the table, and a random movie they’d picked up playing on the TV, they’d settled down on the couch. Georgia fell asleep early in the movie, but it wasn’t until about halfway in that she’d leaned over and rested her head on his chest. Oliver didn’t move so he wouldn’t disturb her. They stayed like that until the movie ended, and Oliver carried her upstairs to her room.

♩my muse to catch yours singing in the shower

Oliver was heading down to the kitchen to grab a snack before heading out for the day, sliding across the floors in his sock feet. He stopped, however, when he heard a voice coming from the bathroom, sliding back and leaning up against the door. He paused for a moment, trying to figure out who it was. Finally, it hit him. “Web?” he said, starting to grin and trying not to laugh. The first comment was mostly to himself, but as he became more sure of it, he yelled: “ROCK OUT, GEORGIA! WOO!!!” 

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I’m reading more than ever. I used to find it tedious, but now it’s like my little friend - it takes my mind off things.

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✘ ♠ ✈ (sends u 5 million of these symbols)


text to: webster (gi)

oliver: ok so seriously last night was a lot of fun like once you get going you get going i wasn’t really even sure you would go with breaking in but then you were tipsy and totally cool with it and it was all great and you were really good at dancing once you got the hang of it and i’m just?? but more drunk adventures soon pls ok hope your hair doesn’t smell like salt water

oliver: these tiny fucking phones and their tiny fucking buttons i was trying to hit delete why i was just going to send “i’m king of the world” ruining my mojo

oliver: gigigigigigi u gotta cmoe fnd me k i got tihs sUPER GOOD STUFF AND YOU NEED TO TRY IT I’LL TELL YOU STORIES

oliver: ok so library of congress don’t ask questions just listen but damn this place is huge and old and has like millions and millions of books you’d really dig this place gi you really would it even smells like old books take some time to make a trip to dc so you can see this

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You know, I was reading about classic works of art today - but none seemed as beautiful as you.

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[txt] Seb did something... In my apartment.. And now I don't know if I can look at you guys the same.


[text] what did he do

[text] ?????????

[text] i’m a little bit scared what did he do

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[txt] Hey! How are you? [txt] Do you have plans for Seb's birthday? I think I'll be back.


[text] i’m ok. bored out of my brain now that i can’t do anything, but i’m ok. [text] oh, will you? that’s good. :-) [text] i’ve called a couple of nice places and checked things out, so we can have a dinner and stuff with everyone. then we’re going away for a little bit. :-)

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6. Collarbone kiss

It was mid-morning before Marie finally woke up, groggy and cotton-mouthed from the previous night out. She tried opening an eye only to clench it shut again with a groan and pull the covers up over her head. No, she just really wasn’t ready for sunlight yet. Jackson was warm beside her and still asleep, which was extremely odd. Usually he never slept this late. In fact, Marie couldn’t remember the last time he wasn’t out of bed at first light.

Finally re-emerging from under the covers with a grumble, she flopped lazily to the side, arm splaying out across Jackson as her body curled against his curves. The outstretched arm came back to smooth over a flat stomach and her lips pressed wetly against his collarbone before swiping her tongue languidly against it, eyelids still heavy with sleep. No. Wait. Something felt decidedly off.

It was an almost audible click. The body lying next to her was not Jackson. Too small, too soft, too smooth.

Disengaging her lips from warm skin with an audible pop, she sleepily blinked her eyes open and was immediately met with a mop of sleep-tangled blonde hair and a pair of blue-green eyes, blinking slowly and only half aware, looking down at her questioningly.

“Mmm, sorry,” she murmured, eyes closing again as she snuggled closer into Georgia’s side, tucking her face against the other woman’s neck. Her lips still grazed Georgia’s collarbone as she spoke. “Thought you were Jackson.”

Georgia chuckled and lay her hand on top of Marie’s rubbing slow, wide circles against her tshirt-covered stomach. “S'okay. Don’t mind.”

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5. Fingertips kiss

When they were younger, Marie was the one who did all the cooking. Now it was a rare occasion when Georgia sat and watched while Marie stirred and cut and boiled. Today, however, was one of those days. It was her Grandmother’s birthday, and this was the year Marie was ready to celebrate her instead of relegating her to the dark space where she used to keep that part of her life. Her life before Jackson. And so, Cavatelli and boar ragout simmered on the stove alongside boiling octopus while Marie sliced the potatoes – all part of her Grandmother’s favorite meal, which she’d insisted on cooking for Georgia since Jackson was out of town. The kids were upstairs working on their homework, thankfully not falling into the senior slump even now during the last stretch of the school year.

“Are you sure I can’t help?” Georgia propped her head up on the table, temple against fist, and while her voice sounded mildly agitated, she smiled tenderly at the love and care that the usually haphazard cook (at best) was taking in preparing their meal.

Marie waved a dismissive hand at her while she stirred the sauce. “I already told you, not tonight. I wanna do this myself.”

Georgia let out a long suffering sigh and Marie tossed an affectionate glare over her shoulder before throwing the sliced potatoes a pot of boiling water.

“You never talk much about your Grandmother.” They never talked much about Marie’s family at all, and Georgia didn’t press… but she sensed Marie might finally be ready, at least on this front, and maybe just needed a little nudge to begin. For a second she thought she’d misjudged as she watched Marie’s back tense, but it came and went and after a moment of quiet stirring, she began.

“You know she’s the one who taught me magic.”


“Once I started developing my powers… she’s the only one who… she was the only one.”

Silence hung in the area, the only sounds the happily boiling pots while Georgia gave Marie space to collect and continue.

“They wanted it to be my sister. She was supposed to be the one with powers, not me. They wouldn’t have minded if it was both of us, but she was it, she was the one they wanted. She was everything a Tuosto witch was supposed to be – smart, strong, controlling, demanding, beautiful… But instead they got me.” She turned away from the stove to face Georgia, meeting her eyes for a moment but not being able to stand the affection in them while she felt all the years of feeling small and disappointing weighing down on her. “My Mother thought she was being punished. She cast spells to take my power from me and give it to my sister, but my Grandmother protected me and took me under her wing. She told my mother she would kill her if she touched my powers… and for like, 8 years, my mother held the grudge and the family followed her. No one spoke to me. She even poisoned my sister against me. I had no one… except her. She was my everything. And then she died and…” Marie’s bottom lip quivered. Even so many years later, the wounds still felt fresh and unhealed, and she was turned back toward the pots when the tears started to fall.

Georgia was at her side immediately, but Marie was determined to be less sad today than previous years and shoved the sadness back into the box where she kept the feelings about her childhood locked away and changed the subject, offering Georgia the metal stir spoon coated in thick red meat sauce.

“Wanna try it?”

Years of friendship had taught Georgia when to back off, so she nodded and leaned forward to try the sauce, only to pull back sharply when the spoon burned her lips.

Marie gasped and dropped the spoon back into the pot. Neither of them had been thinking or they would have known that would happen, and she ran her fingers through Georgia’s hair in apology. “Shit, are you okay?” and when Georgia nodded, she continued, “Wait. Here.”

Instead of the spoon, she tipped her finger into the pot and held it out for Georgia instead. She hadn’t thought anything of it until Georgia hesitated. Maybe she still wasn’t thinking clearly. With Jackson gone so often and her best friend constantly at her side, staying for dinner, helping the kids with homework and giving them advice, things had begun to change between them and despite Marie’s penchant for underthinking everything at all times, she couldn’t keep pretending she hadn’t noticed the shift. The butterflies she felt so often, like now, wouldn’t let her. It was nice though, and she didn’t mind. It would have been one thing if she felt this way about a stranger, but Georgia was her best friend. It seemed only natural to love her and have feelings for her. A small part of her whispered “not these sorts of feelings,” but that small voice was much easier to ignore.

Marie was about to apologize again when Georgia’s mouth wrapped around the proffered finger, her tongue swirling over skin while her lips puckered and sucked. Marie drew in a ragged breath, entirely unprepared for the sensation and for the teeth that lightly raked the length of her finger while Georgia’s mouth retreated.5Marie didn’t move as Georgia licked her lips and nodded her head. “Mmm. Good.” Finally her gaze lifted to meet Marie’s and the swirling butterflies felt like they were threatening to escape entirely, along with a fresh wave of tears. Frowning and feeling somehow responsible, Georgia pressed a soft kiss against the fingertip to soothe her; to apologize for whatever had made her want to cry all over again.

Marie managed to collect herself yet again, offering her best friend a weak smile and a dumb “thanks.” It didn’t seem like enough. Like a lot of the things Marie did, she leaned toward Georgia on impulse, pressing her lips to Georgia’s cheek. It was a gesture which had held a certain connotation between them for years: strong emotions that they couldn’t name or express otherwise, and she hoped Georgia would understand. She kissed her not only for the butterflies, but for her friendship and being the only one Marie ever felt like she could really talk to. “Thank you.”

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4. Back of hand kiss

Jackson’s only request for his birthday had been that they spend it together. Without Georgia. The stipulation stung a bit. She hadn’t thought of her husband as being jealous of Georgia and the time she spent with her, but if not jealous, he was definitely something jealousy adjacent and it made Marie feel… odd. That was really the only way to describe it. On one hand, that she was making Jackson feel unwanted and like her second choice for company made her feel terrible, but on the other, being with Georgia made her… happy. She wished she knew how to explain to him that he was her husband and he would always be the most important person in her life because she was desperately and hopelessly in love with him… and always would be. That she loved Georgia, but she was her best friend. It wasn’t the same. (Though something about his jealousy made her feel delicious somehow; wanted and maybe a little bit devious.)

They spent the evening in; she cooked his favorite steak dinner and then curled up in each other on the couch to watch a movie – his choice, Back to the Future. It only took one small mention of having watched it recently with Georgia to bring his lips crashing into hers. He kissed her like he was lost in the desert and she was the only water in sight, and she responded easily to his touch, moaning and arching and letting him push her back into the couch. Marty hadn’t even made it to 1955 before Jackson had her shirt on the floor and skirt rucked up, frantically unbuttoning his jeans. He didn’t bother to push them off, his patience spent. Panties pushed to the side, he took her roughly, all at once, her back arching as she cried out with discomfort.

“Did I hurt you, baby?” he muttered between kisses, holding still, aware that his impatience was not at all working for her.

“No,” she lied, willing herself wetter, wanting to give him this. “Keep going. I want you…”

Later, when Jackson excused himself to clean up, Marie re-adjusted herself and pulled her shirt back over her shoulders. After the shaky beginning, it had been excellent, like it always was, but what she couldn’t stop thinking about was what had prompted it in the first place…

She needed some fresh air.

It was dark on the back porch, even with the lights on, but she could still see the shape in the corner sitting quietly. Wagging its tail.

“Georgia, is that you?”

The dog barked. Marie laughed.

“Come here.”

She sat on the wicker couch and Georgia jumped up with her, literal puppy dog eyes looking up at her.

“Did you come to check up on me?”

The dog put its head in her lap and Marie rolled her eyes, stroking golden fur the same color as Georgia’s hair. “When I told you what Jackson said, it wasn’t me issuing you a challenge to figure out how to see me anyway.”

Footsteps from inside the house signaled Jackson’s return and he called out looking for her.

“You’d better go.”

Georgia sprang up on all fours, staring pointedly into the house, looking all the world like she might start barking, but obediently jumped down just as the porch door slid open.

“Marie, there y–” He paused. “Who’s dog is that?”

“Neighbor’s,” she said with a shrug, patting her on the head. “Go on now,” she told her, eyes twinkling. “Come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll make you breakfast.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin when the golden retriever licked the back of her hand affectionately before taking off.

Jackson watched her go, looking puzzled, but Marie smiled and kissed him and wrapped her arms around his waist with a sigh, and he lost himself in her again, the dog all but forgotten.

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Get Down Tonight || Georgia & Marie

Whiteash was, in many ways, the perfect postcard image of a quaint, New England town. In fall the leaves leaves fell gold and orange and red on streets and meandering brick alleyways, winter brought pristine snow covers and naked, gnarled trees laid laid in stark contrast against grey-and-white skies. In spring, fields of flowers dappled in sunshine and in summer fourth of July celebrations set against the backdrop of old federal style buildings and clambakes by the sea. It was small and picturesque and quiet and certainly most could not imagine a better place for happy-ever-aftering.

However, what Whiteash had in Rockwellian charm, it certainly lacked in entertainment; most notably nightlife.

And so years ago Marie and Georgia found their way to a club in a much larger city several towns over that was nearly always busy, but not too busy, that allowed them an escape. Their visits were infrequent at best, but they managed to befriend one of the bartenders who saw to it that they were never wanting for drinks.

They were perched on bar stools laughing loudly, Marie’s infamous black dress riding up on her thighs higher than strictly necessary, when their second round arrived.

“–And so I told Pete there was no way in hell I was keeping that to myself, and he’d better start thinking of ways to placate you immediately. I mean really, a soap shop?” She flung her arm out dramatically, narrowly missing her dirty martini. “So, play along. Make him squirm. It’ll be good for him.”

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