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my dog: *Loudly licks her asshole for fifteen minutes*

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my job is great except for sometimes when i’m taking care of a dog and they step in shit and then immediately get excited, jump up, and plant their food right on my chest

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The joys of dogs: I cancelled my therapy appointment this morning, claiming I’m sick… Because the truth is our dog got into my room last night and possibly ate some unknown amount of cat poop, and “I’m sick” sounds much nicer than “I’m afraid of what might come out of the dog.”

The dog is fine so far, by the way.

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The Circle Of Life Is Gross

So I know outside cats eat birds and small animals. I wasn’t aware dogs did. I spent what felt like twenty minutes trying to convince my thirteen-pound chihuahua to drop a dead bird he brought on the porch. I thought it was a piece of wood until I saw it had feathers and, you know, a face! Not wood. He was so proud of himself and tried to give me his bird. I might’ve ran in the house. I don’t like dead things. It’s still on the porch because I can’t deal with the idea of touching it.

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I was cleaning buckets at work and poop water splashed in my eye. Completely unrelated, does anyone know how to remove a human eyeball? Asking for a friend

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I love how Buster is SO cautious about treats, like he’ll sniff them super thoroughly and then open his mouth just a tiny bit for me to insert the treat to make sure they’re to his taste and that he’s not being conned into eating something GROSS like a blueberry. This is of course the same dog who will scarf down horse manure or cat shit with such fervor that you’d swear he was close to starving to death.

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I would have Blake stop her, but I would rather Rosie drink out of the clean toilet than drink her own pee off the floor.

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He loves me so much he steals my shoe to use as a pillow.

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The pile of dog hair from sweeping, and the pile of dog hair from brushing him.


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me: *playing video games* eat shit!

my puppy: done

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Charlie managed to get a jelly bean, but not just any jelly bean, one of those joke jelly beans from that Bamboozled game. At first I’m like, “I hope you get a vomit flavored one >:(!!” Then I realized he would probably prefer the gross flavors over real flavors anyway…

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I hate dogs

I’m house sitting a house with 2 dogs. The one runs away and bit someone last week,and has never been trained so can’t even sit on command, never mind walk nicely on a lead (& of course I have to walk them every day). They both bark incessantly and the whole house smells like them and it makes me feel unclean and itchy :( :(

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There’s a fox living in our neighborhood and just now Faith came in with a headless bird like she was going to eat it x(  Glad I ate lunch first I guess…

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Dog shook.
Nose juice flew into my gaping maw…

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my doggy so smol i can and often do pick her up with one arm and hoist her onto my shoulder.

she has murder breath and she smiles in her sleep.

she threw up a rubbery thing the size of a golf ball today and it bounced. i was so overcome by concern and curiosity i cleaned off the thing and examined it. 

it came down to a sniff check, and the results were undeniable: himalayan yak cheese, rehydrated in a dog-belly.

i gave it back, and this time she chewed it properly.

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Dogs lick their butts and then insist on licking your face. I could get the same effect by wiping my ass then licking my fingers. Now is anyone still confused as to why dogs are disgusting?

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Do anyone else’s sighthounds just like to smear their nose juice all over whatever they’re sniffing?
i.e. My phone screen…

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Bully Sticks for Dogs

For those of you with dogs and give bully sticks as treats.. do you know what they are, or rather were??

Ingredients say: Beef Pizzle.
What is a pizzle I wondered.. sorry I did.
Google confirms: Bull Penis

A bull’s penis. Stretched, pulled, marinated, and cooked. Barf.

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One of the more disturbing things I’ve seen lately….the dog just farted audibly, while licking his butthole.

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