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Weave Attraction Game Attempt #3

Today was our third time playing the game from the Foundation Weaves course and I think it went well! Bindi seems to be picking up that going through the poles nets her cheese. Here are some random observations from this session:

– She is very clever and forgiving because I’m pretty sure my timing is shit. XD  I really don’t have much experience shaping. It’s definitely not my preferred training method.

– I have to use pretty big chunks of cheese or she loses them in the grass.

– She randomly offered a Fly around a tree and it was the cutest thing but I couldn’t reward her.

– I stood at various positions near the poles, including facing away from them. She still went through the poles even when I was facing away and I am so proud of her.

– If I stand near the end of the poles (e.g. the “start” place of the weaves), she weaves. Not super sure if I should be encouraging or discouraging that, so I rewarded it. I suppose I should use my status as a Silver student and post in the forum.

– One time she was circling around to come back to me, passed the “start” position and went, “oh I need to weave” and did. Such a cutie. 

– So far I’ve practiced the Attraction game in our usual training park (using my fence posts) and at agility class (using real weave poles). I should also play it in different/novel places.

I think next week we’ll move on to the next lesson.

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Weave Attraction Game Attempt #1

This is for the Fenzi Academy Foundation Weaves course. I did my first attempt at the weave attraction game, which basically is shaping your dog to like going between weave poles. I had four poles (fence stakes) set up and bought some string cheese for the occasion.

I am not an experienced shaper and Bindi is ferociously clever, so here is what she thought I was trying to get her to do:

– Poke Pole #1 with her nose

– Poke Pole #1 with her nose, harder

– Offer eye contact

– Back up ( @shotinthekidney this made me think of Bosco and I cracked up)

– Go between Poles #1 and #2 only, which meant I had to stop rewarding for that until she went between any of the others

– Stand so her head was between Poles #1 and #2, but not actually go through them

– Wrap (quite beautifully, I may add) the opening weave sequence

Our session was a bit longer than I believe it was supposed to be because the handler half of the equation was trying to figure out when and how they were supposed to be marking behaviors. But she seemed to be getting it at the end! We’ll play this game a few more days until she’s solid before moving onto the next step.

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I have signed up for the Foundation Weaves class at Fenzi Academy at Silver level!

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Somewhat impulse joined a couple of Fenzi courses at Bronze.  It’s my first time and I decided to enroll in Ready, Steady, Squirrel! and Arousal Layering Games.  Not sure I can do too much with Mud for either one, but from what I’ve read so far, we at least do some of the foundation stuff for both of them.  I realized I might be able to use some of this for the sighthounds too.

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I signed up at silver!

I can still ask questions and each question must be accompanied by a video, so I will still get feedback if I’m havinn problems. I think that’s still worth a lot.

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Okay, so I’m going to be printing out each lecture from the Engagement class because I just cannot deal with all that text. 

Hopefully going to be getting into it this week properly.  

My time and commitments (I think I might have over committed) are all over the place.

I have to put the production of our video game first.  We’ve got 10 days will we have to submit the beta for marking, and then 38 days till we actually present it at the convention.

Poor Lamoni is being neglected in his training, and probably what’s causing the last few nights of agility to be shit.


How do people manage to get so much done in a day? I’m drowning just trying to get basic shit done.

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I’ve only just starting going through the FE140: ENGAGEMENT lectures and oh boy.  So much text my eyes are blurring. I might have to print the lectures out to read through them, and then refer to each video.   

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faithliesinashes replied to your posth42el replied to your post: noodlebutts replied to…

Is there ever a notification for specific courses? tbh I find the FDSA site a little confusing and frustrating to use. And I also end up forgetting to check and the miss out.

Subscribing to the newsletter is probably your best bet. Then you’ll get emails about upcoming classes and registration. It usually contains all the classes for one semester. If there is one particular class you’re interested in, there aren’t really notifications about that, unless maybe you follow the instructor that teaches that class and get Facebook or email notifications from them.

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Anybody doing any Fenzi courses this semester? I haven’t signed up for any yet since none of them struck me as MUST TAKE. Considered the foundation tracking since I want to start tracking with Ryker, but winter is a horrible time to start that. Cookie Jar Games and Performance Fundamentals I’m thinking about, not because I expect either of them to be new material for me but perhaps putting it structured in a way that I could more easily get my students to understand. Don’t really feel like spending money right now though.

obligatory question marks??

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One week of Fenzi Classes

So we are about a week into Fenzi classes and I’m noticing a difference in Lilly’s sits already. She’s definitely tucking more instead of just dropping her big booty.

Daniel has been working obedience twice a day and I’ve been doing agility once. We work for 5 to 10 minutes at each session. She’s been very pumped for each session and seems to enjoy training this week. I think we all got into a rut for training for the BH. So this has been a nice breath of fresh air.

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Week 1 homework

So much stuff to do! Gotta try to organize this for myself.

AG250: Teeter foundations (Solstice)

  • substrate games (different surfaces)
  • sound games
  • plank games (step 1 ladder, step 2 plank)
  • note: remember to strive for empowerment over tolerance

FE180: Drives and Control (Ryker/both)

  • eye contact (steps 1 and 2)
  • eye contact with toy
  • 2 ball step 1 (lured)

short lists but still a lot of stuff to do, especially since I’d like to do the FE180 stuff with Solstice as well. A lot of it is stuff we have done but we’ll work from the beginning since a refresher is always helpful and I don’t want to skip anything.

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So much stuff to keep up with in these classes. I’m glad I decided to stick with three classes and not add the fourth one. @_@

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Officially signed up for Drives and Control 1 and Foundation See-Saw, both at bronze level. Other classes are tempting (particularly Impulse Control for the Agility Dog and Shoot the Dog), but I think three classes is plenty to keep up with! Three classes because we also have the second session of Bridging the Gap.

So far the Gold students look more applicable to my dogs in these classes than in Bridging the Gap. The teeter class of course has plenty of dogs that are afraid of the teeter. Drives and Control surprisingly is not sold out yet in the Gold spots.  Only six students have posted, not sure how many others have bought a spot but not posted yet. Looking forward to what we learn!

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Upcoming Fenzi classes

Taking a look at the upcoming schedule of classes starting June 1 at the online Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  This could easily become an expensive addiction. I don’t think I will sign up for more than three, maybe four courses at once (likely all Bronze) otherwise it would be too much stuff to keep track of and work through. Also money.

Definitely taking:

Seriously considering:

Also interesting:

I do think I’ll hold off on tracking classes for now though. I might plan to make that our new venture for next year after Ryker is (hopefully) done with his short obedience career.

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