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i  really  just  wanna  make  an  oc  with  sophie  skelton  as  the  fc  who  is  soft  and  loving  and  somehow  connected  to  nature .

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)


HHAHAHJSJDKDJ I have waited for the day I get this ask so I can really read it through properly & wonder how the fuck it’s your damn fucking bisnes fuck off & drop dead

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As far as I've seen everyone is loving Harry's mustache and supporting growing it idk since when they love it this much but I'm surprised 😂 I learned in his Mia time with family and writing /working he let his facial hair grow so hope it's not a new look with the new Era please


ummmm if he wants to keep it, he absolutely should. :) like i’ve said already, i kind of expect him to keep the Tension between things that are stereotypically feminine vs those stereotypically masculine up for this era, so i actually wouldn’t be surprised if he kept the strugglestache

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So, you live in Japan right now?


Nope, I’ve moved to Canada

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«I’ve always wondered, why are you so…short ?»

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I don’t think we will, but I wanna know when things changed- when Louis found out he was doing the xfactor, because last year he just seemed so happy and excited about his album and now it’s just a routine mention that doesn’t seem to have the same excitement. Idk, maybe in part it’s me being upset bc I wanted his album but I know he wanted to release one and it sucks to see where we are now


To be honest I think it’s possible the XF was decided on late last year/early 2018 - see the monthly mentions about the album and such that we have had all this year long. I have a half-theory but I am waiting to see how the XF and subsequent stuff plays out first. I think Louis is still very excited about making music, but I think right now the pics we are seeing are ‘reassuring’ us that ‘music is still his priority’ (quoting his tweet when the XF was announced) more than anything.

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[[ must be because Gai can’t mold chakra to make his body accept the intrusion?

     I mean…maybe??? But that doesn’t make a lot of sense, because you HAVE to have chakra flow through the body, or you’ll die. You can be unable to EXPEL it, or use it in techniques OUTSIDE the body, but to have it impaired internally means…you’re dead, lol. Like you can have it sealed so it can’t be USED, but it can’t be stopped within your keirakukei or you’re going to die.

     Gai and Lee can’t mold chakra into ninjutsu or genjutsu - which is an external use. But they still use it internally, like releasing it through the gates WITHIN themselves. I don’t think that means there’s anything wrong with their chakra systems, per se? So it seems like attaching a new limb, which would have the system run THROUGH it, like the rest of their body, wouldn’t be an issue…

     The only reason I can think of is that the cells themselves might be rejected. Like an organ that the body rejects in a transplant. But I mean…it seems like they’d be able to find a way to adapt it to people? If you can have DEAD BODIES turn into other people for either the technique Kisame and Itachi used to fight Team Seven, or for Edo Tensei…why not be able to work things enough to make a limb transplant possible?

     LOGIC GAPS (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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Finally finished the story mode of Fire Emblem Warriors (ended like a goddamn saturday morning cartoon special. all that talk of friendship and bonds and just good lord)!!!! 

Nowwwww, since Steam was so gracious to offer up a generous winter sale, I’m gonna play a lil bit of my newly bought ‘Night in the Woods’! (seriously, it was on sale for 14.99 and I just had to have it….that, and Pyre, which I’ve also been wanting) 

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What the hell am I doing it’s midle of the night

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sorry im just really down on myself today

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idk what im doing but my jaw hurts so much

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When you were an idiot years ago and post ignorant posts, but people wanna reply to it as if you are still that same person or actually give a damn about said people it was aimed toward anymore.

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Do you ever just get sad

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whenever i think of smth i worry about, i always think of someone laughing at me. and its usually, always, the same person.

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Rip to the sociologically contextualized meaning of “cultural appropriation”

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Dear Sam,

Our entire relationship I wished on my eyelashes and the stars and 11:11 for you to be happy and love yourself and to have a better relationship with your parents. (And me at the end).

I guess I just didn’t know that all of that meant without me.

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Ugh, I’m ready to move out of America.
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On top of the sheer wonder as to what Lou is getting up to, the eagle-eyed One Direction fandom couldn’t help but notice that the 23-year-old babe has managed to travel basically incognito throughout his tour break, with word of where he is based only being revealed via his blabbermouth pals
—— Yahoo Celeb UK pointing out the very obvious
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