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One thing I have wondered, what are the forehead crest horn things on Vaylin


As far as I know, we’ve never been given an official answer. I mean, we don’t even know for sure if they’re permanent or just stuck to the skin and removable (though they look embedded to me, and Vaylin just covers them up rather than removing them as Empress). Theories I’ve seen include:

  1. They help channel/control the power of the wearer. If it’s control,, it explains why Vaylin’s are larger than Senya’s, she has more to control and likely more need for it.
  2. They help suppress the power of the wearer, making them less of a threat to the Emperor, perhaps. The fact that Senya has them but not the boys says something about her. Vaylin didn’t have them before Nathema, so she may have received them there.
  3. They’re just decorations. Perhaps only for the women of the royal family, since we don’t see them for anyone else. The equivalent of a crown or a tiara. It could be something that only a select few know about, so that Senya having them wouldn’t give away anything to people that met her before she revealed her status.
  4. They have to do with high ranking Knights, so Vaylin, as High Justice, would receive the largest ones. Since most of the Knights wear helmets when we see them, this makes some sense. They might be purely decorative or have some enhanced purpose.
  5. They are a way to contain the spirits of the person that wears them, in case they fall in battle, perhaps to move them to a new body or just keep them around to talk to. I am fond of this one, for obvious reasons. Again, the fact that Senya and Vaylin have them but not the boys probably says something about Valkorion.
  6. There is some trace of non-human ancestry for Senya and her children that manifests itself with these things, and it’s just natural.
  7. They are manifestations of the Force in some unrevealed way.
  8. It has something to do with the mother and daughter specifically, though I’m not sure how since Vaylin didn’t have them as a child. Some kind of link, perhaps helping Senya realize when Vaylin had done something unfortunate.

I’m not sure if they’ll ever tell us, since it feels like they’re dumping everything, good or bad, from these stories. I lean toward decoration at the moment.

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I wish I could find out more about the origins and history behind forehead makeup/decoration as a whole. Sure, there’s bindi and huadian but I notice it’s an interesting staple in many gothic makeup styles as well (not to mention being used as insignias like in Sailor Moon and even in DKII.) Honestly, I’m not sure why it interests me so much but dammit it does! I wanna know more! I wanna know how some of these may have influenced others! I wanna know if there’s other cultures/subcultures with such trends!

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