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Hey there! I checked your blog and found it to be absolute amazing! Thank you for sharing so much about chinese culture and information with us ^-^ Uh... so, I wanted to ask if you know some tips to drawing a huadian when you don't know how to paint well...? It might sound a bit dumb but... Or maybe I should just practice?


Hi! Glad to hear you like my blog! ^^ (Image via)


I’ve actually never drawn huadian/花钿 before, but I did find some Youtube makeup tutorials that depict how to draw huadian. For example, the tutorial below utilizes a lip brush and red lipstick to create a simple 3-petal huadian. Generally, when it comes to learning how to draw things well, all it takes is some practice!

However, the easiest and most commonly used method nowadays is temporary tattoos! There’s a huge variety of huadian tattoos available on Taobao, and they come in many different designs and colors. Below - a typical set of huadian tattoos from Taobao:


If you find painting huadian too difficult or if you want more complex designs, then I recommend using temporary huadian tattoos ^^. Hope this helps!

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An ethereal twilight photoshoot featuring traditional Chinese Hanfu, via 青莺. The model’s cross-collar waist-high Ruqun/襦裙 and Pibo/披帛 (long scarf accessory) are decorated with clouds embroidered with gold and silver threads. She wears a traditional Chinese veiled hat called Weimao/帷帽. With shimmering silver hair accessories and a silver Huadian/花钿 to complete the look, she resembles a celestial being come down to earth. Hanfu from 衔泥小筑汉服.

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A lush autumnal photoshoot featuring traditional Chinese Hanfu, via 界之猫. The model is wearing a Tang dynasty-style chest-high Ruqun/襦裙 and double-layer Daxiushan/大袖衫 (large-sleeve robe). Splashes of red, orange, and green combine with gold decorations and translucent leaves to create an outfit that perfectly complements the fall foliage. Exquisite hair ornaments, earrings, and a silver Huadian/花钿 complete the look.

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I know this isn't plot related so you can not count it as part of the event if you want, but I'd really love to see Chun Yan in hanfu! You draw her so pretty


//You are just full of the best ideas I stg

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I wish I could find out more about the origins and history behind forehead makeup/decoration as a whole. Sure, there’s bindi and huadian but I notice it’s an interesting staple in many gothic makeup styles as well (not to mention being used as insignias like in Sailor Moon and even in DKII.) Honestly, I’m not sure why it interests me so much but dammit it does! I wanna know more! I wanna know how some of these may have influenced others! I wanna know if there’s other cultures/subcultures with such trends!

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TALK TO ME ABOUT CHINESE SAKURAAAAA. pls. i believe you've also mentioned tenten having chinese influences, yes? (and that her name is kind of hecked, yikes)



Qipao/cheongsam (these are two different Chinese languages terms for the same thing). Pronunciation: chee-pow; chyong-sahm.


Some important things to know about cheongsam!!

  • They are not ancient. (In the form we recognize them today, they are a little more than 100 years old.) The ancient Chinese traditional dress is called hanfu.
  • They are associated with women’s liberation.
  • They are associated with revolution/independence/republicanism/Chinese pride.
  • They are a cultural fusion of fashion ideas from Manchu, Han, Western and other cultures.
  • Cheongsam fashions are always developing and changing! Different decades see different styles of fabrics, patterns, textures, sleeve lengths, etc etc etc.

So obviously none of Sakura’s canon outfits are bog standard classic cheongsam, but they all have significant cheongsam/Chinese derived elements:



All of Sakura’s outfits have some form of what is called a Mandarin collar in English. This is the collar that stands straight up parallel to the neck with a dip in front of the neck.



Sakura’s very first outfit has what is called in English a “kimono sleeve,” where the sleeve is “grown on” or continuous to the bodice (instead of being sewn on separately), but this term (dating back at least to the 1940s) is a “Chinese-Japanese-Siamese-what-you-please” misnomer. Actual kimonos do not have “kimono sleeves” but sewn on sleeves. You know what does have “kimono sleeves”? Many cheongsam, including almost all cheongsam from before the 40s.

Cheongsam also can be sleeveless, like Sakura’s kicky Shippuden vest, or have cap sleeves, like her The Last outfit (and many other sleeves).



Some of Sakura’s outfits are fastened with prominent zippers. Zippers were really “in” in the 40s! This was a Western influence and enabled especially form-fitting cheongsam that fit securely.

The other classic cheongsam fastening is called “frogs” in English. Sakura’s The Last outfit has very prominent frogging.



Red is the luckiest colour that you’ll ever do (if you’re Chinese).



Traditional cheongsam are finished with beautiful decorative techniques along all visible edges.


Much like a mullet is business in front, party in the back, cheongsams are frequently formal up front, wild on the side.


All the better to KICK you with, my dear.

Finally the Strength of a Hundred Seal?


Totally a kind of 花钿 or floral ornament. Chinese? Chinese.


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I forgot the Hua Dian

It’s important part of Daji’s design.

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BP signs $10 billion gas deal with China’s Huadian

BP signs $10 billion gas deal with China’s Huadian


Oil major BP has signed a $10 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply deal with China’s Huadian power producer, sealing the agreement as part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Britain.

BP will supply up to 1 million tons of LNG per year over 20 years to Huadian, China’s largest gas-fired power generator.

The oil major also agreed with China National Petroleum Corporation…

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China’s Major Coal Power Companies

China Huadian Corporation

Huadian Power Corporation is one of the five independent power producers in China. Huadian Power owns or has stakes in about 31 provincial utilities with a total net installed capacity of about 472,800 MW. Huadian Power operates the world’s first ultra-supercritical air cooling system in thousands megawatts and is China’s largest individual capacity ultra-supercritical wet air cooling system in thousands megawatts.

China Huaneng Group

Huaneng Power International, a subsidiary of the China Huaneng Group, is one of five independent power producers in China. Its nearly 50 power plants in about 20 provinces have a capacity of more than 66,700 MW; nearly all of the company’s power is produced from coal. In 2009, Huaneng power approved 280 energy saving projects, amounting USD 463m (CNY 2.9 billion).

Datang International Power Generation Company

Datang International Power Generation (Datang Power) operates and develops power plants (primarily coal-fired), sells electricity, and provides power equipment maintenance services. Datang Power owns and operates four power plants and manages more than 50 power and power-related companies in 18 provinces. It actively cooperated with foreign firms, and has imported technologies such as AE&E in 2005 as well as SCR technology from Hitachi Limited to help gas desulfurization and de NOx denitration process.

China Guodian Corporation

China Guodian Corporation is one of the largest state-owned power generation groups in China. It is engaged in the development of coal power, hydropower and wind energy infrastructure. Guodian aims to develop large scale, high parameter, combined heat and electric power units. It owns China’s largest power plant with 5,000 MW capacity.

China Power Investment Corporation

China Power Investment Corporation is one of the five largest power generation groups in China. It has 49 power plants in over 6 cities with the total installed power capacity of 62,090 MW by 2013.

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hi I just saw a post with someone asking about a hua dian and if they could wear it…I googled hua dian, but still couldn’t figure out what it was (maybe I didn’t search hard enough), do you happen to know the characters? I am a Chinese adoptee, have studied Mandarin for five years, and am going to China. I’ve been trying to learn more culturally about my roots. I hope this question wasn’t too ignorant!

Hua dian (花钿) are forehead decorations (usually in the shape of plum blossoms; the legend was that Princess Shouyang fell asleep underneath a plum trea and a blossom landed on her forehead) that became a popular makeup trend in the Tang Dynasty. They look like this:


There was apparently a recent post (I didn’t see it, I just heard about it) claiming it was an appropriation of the bindi which is false.

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Question for my followers particularly those who are South East Asian/South Asian identifying: is the huadian piggybacking off the bindi?
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That's actually super fascinating! I'm gunna look into it just because they're pretty and I've never heard of that before. Thanks for the awesome tip! C:


No problem :) Happy to spread the knowledge about it. It was really popular until the Mongols came and slaughtered everyone :l (no offense to Mongolians today)

There’s no record of it in the Ming dynasty because Ming culture tends to be more conservative in contrast to the extravagance of Tang and Song (I mean it’s hard for a people to be flamboyant after being raped in the ass really hard. When the Mongols ruled China, Mongol males had “rights” to a ethnic Han girl’s “first night”, so a lot of families back then would drown their firstborn just in case.)

And then after the Manchu people came after Ming and slaughtered everyone again. It didn’t get a chance to be revived and was pretty much lost until it got popular recently with historical dramas and then the hanfu movement. 

It sounds like it has a heavy history behind it but it’s was like, what girls did back then to look pretty, and it just got lost because girls in the Yuan dynasty didn’t wanna attract the Mongol men’s attention with sparkly shit/painted flowers on their forehead. 

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We survived the coldest city in China: Huadian (in DongBei province)

High: 5 F

Low: -24 F

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First Three Quarters Of Huadian Power International Traffic Rose 16.82% ! http://newish.info/61773-first-three-quarters-of-huadian-power-international-traffic-rose-16-82

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First Three Quarters Of Huadian Power International Traffic Rose By About 17% ! http://newish.info/61498-first-three-quarters-of-huadian-power-international-traffic-rose-by-about-17

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