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The Ship in the Docks || Zavier & Sonja


Sonja skipped her way down to the harbor. If she remembered correctly, the following ten days her friend would be coming over. That meant that they could share more stories together! And that was always exciting. Giggling to herself, she wondered what things she would learn about the life off this island. If it would be anything cool, or possibly cute? Who knows! With Zavier, it was always a mixed bag of tricks.

She sat on one of the boxes, legs swinging back and forth as she hummed a little tune to herself. Hopefully the ship would come soon. She didn’t want to wait any longer. Maybe he even had a little souvenir? 

Wait, that was kind of bad of her to think, wasn’t it? She shouldn’t expect any gift for her. He probably was busy thinking about other things. Besides, she had already stated before that he didn’t have to. 

… But it was nice seeing her room fill up with little trinkets from the outside.

Seeing a ship come in, she eagerly waited to see the man to pop right on out. And when she did, she flagged him down with a big smile on her face. “Hey!! Zavier!! Over here!!” 

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