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​Mommy & Me

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Just a little mommy and me time hanging out in the backyard with Doggo.

Pose Under The Cut


@overkillsimmer  You can find this adorable pose here - Boop  ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks to all the CC creators!  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Mommy&Me: Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle

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Confront her about it Monique. Assert yourself. And if she tries to lay a hand on you, lay her ass out! And then call the police and say she assaulted a minor.

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Tired Out

So today was quite the day. Left my little girl alone for maybe two minutes to run downstairs quick and came back upstairs to find she’d gotten into the food colouring SOMEHOW. I used it once last week and I don’t know how she got a hold of it, but that’s beside the point lol She is a monkey!

So I come upstairs and shes painting on the tile floor like they are finger pants, going “Mommy look so beautiful!” but all I can see is her very stained hands and face.

She had to have a very long soak in the tub needless to say lol probably an hour of soaping her up before it was all gone, and my floor is still pink and blue where my Lysol wipes didn’t quite do the trick XD

Little while after they were playing in my oldest girls room and snuck up to jump on the bed, in the time I noticed and told them to stop, my little one fell off the bed and just a big bump on her forehead. She’s fine though but it wasn’t very nice :C

We had to run to walmart after supper, which is pushing it because we don’t normally go out after supper since it’s bath time/wind down for bed time, but just had to tonight.

I don’t have a car right now so we had to take a taxi there. Which the girls are used to by now and love, so they were all excited while we stood outside and waited, maybe all of 5 mins, and both my girls managed to fall and scrape their knees up, causing my oldest to stress out, she tends to over exaggerate things and can be dramatic lol but it made the entire trip far more stressful then is should have been.

Mommies and daddies out there, you ever have those days that just… never seem to get better? lol Just one accident after another. It’s exhausting lol

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To start

To start off with, for anyone curious about who is writing this blog, I am a 25 year old single mother, of two little girls, one just turned 4, and my littlest is 2 and a half.
They sure are a handful! But I love them more then anything! <3
As a mother, I feel like I have some things worth sharing so I hope that interest grows in this as I add more!

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I'm the Mommy

Been wanting to do a little side blog for awhile now where I can write stories about my kids and post parenting advice/tips/hacks/whatever and anything related to this. So gonna try this out :D

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Those are the feeding times of Little Miss Eat Alot!!

I am up every three hours feeding Ms. S. Marie. Let me take you through a day with Scarlette.

6am- 1st Feeding- Really??!! 6am?? When have I ever woke up at 6am? When Scarlette was born that’s when. I usually go back to sleep after this feeding but now that I am going back to work I can forget about that…. :(

9am- This is the time I would usually wake up. After I feed the babes, I would go eat a light breakfast (appetite is quite low these days)

12pm- Lunch Time!! Lil Boo eats again. After this feeding she plays. Kicks her feet. Laughs a little. Cries. Then it’s back to sleep for about 30mins… Really Scarlette?? A catnap?

3pm- Pretty easy feeding. Sometimes we play. Sometimes we sleep depending on our moods. I usually eat too.

6pm- Best time of day. Easiest and most relaxing time we spend together. Everything is sooo chill during and after this feeding. :)

9pm- Night Night. After this feeding, the lights get turned off and the tv gets turned down. Scarlette usually sleeps until the next feeding and I usually escape to the shower and eat dinner.

12am-Wakes up just to eat. Back to sleep. Good Girl because Mommy is exhausted. Usually the time I head to the bed. But sometimes I am an insomniac and stay awake in bed on the phone or watching tv.

3am- Worst Time Ever!! I can barely even open my eyes to make the bottle. Luckily, Scarlette sleeps through this after her initial “I’m so hungry” cry.

Then three hours later, we do it all over again.

Man oh man, I yearn for the day she begins to sleep through that 3am feeding!! A happy Mommy I will be. Yesiree.

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I miss my pumpkin head =[
This is the longest she’s been away from me EVER.


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