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♪ & ♥ & ⊗ & ؟ & ≠ & ϟ –– cause i have no chill ♥️♥️♥️♥️


     Send me a ♪ for a song that reminds me of our muses and my favorite lyrics from it. 

ughgh.  i’m not good at the song thing !  uhhh …  Echo  ~  Incubus.  right down to its chill vibes and the guitar riffs and   “ your biggest fear will be the rescue of you “   as a statement about Soo and Caspian and what feels like a sigh of relief   /  content at the end of each chorus and UGH.   perfect.

there’s something about the look in your eyes    /    something I noticed when the light was just right    /    it reminded me twice that I was alive    /    and it reminded me that you’re so worth the fight

     Send me a ♥ for one thing my muse likes about yours. 

‘    j  —–  just one thing  ?        okay , uhm.     how you care a lot about other people.   

     Send me a ⊗ for one thing my muse dislikes about yours. 

‘    how easily you accept blame.   

     Send me a ؟ for a random thought my muse has about yours. 

oh  !  those are very   ‘Caspian’.  should I get them   ?       followed by      nah i’ll spend money on Makena instead.

     Send me a ≠ for something my muse would never say to your muse.

‘    I know our future will break us apart , and it scares me.   

     Send me a ϟ for a plot I think would be fun for your muse/our muses

okay so like.  Sooraya through dedicated research and stuff comes across the name of her papa and   !!  sHOCK  -  HE’S IN THE STATES.      so she takes it upon herself to gather more information and try and  FIND   him , right.  and there’s this black-tie cocktail event coming up in NY and one of his   ’ associates ‘    is said to be attending  –  but Soo is like.  I can’t just rock up they’re all gonna be like whomst tf  –  so she exploits  Caspian's  fame for her mission   >:]   making  HIM  attend on her behalf , and making  HIM  gather her intel while Dust lingers someplace whispering into an earpiece like.    flirt but not too much , come on , I need this info Caspian , USE UR CHARM BIH  —–  and Cas is like   thanks i hate it

prompt    /    @bengalisms

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