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Kpop star Kory Kim for the Musician Challenge.

Kory is was part of Kpop group ZMZ before being launch as a solo act. He also is a regular on KSims-Drama tv and is known for having the cutest cry face. Kory takes his music very seriously and is a perfectionist which many times works against him as he is often weak (from lack of food and sleep) and has no personal life to speak of. Kory’s best-known song is ‘Sul Sul Nooboo’\



CC Creators:

  1. Olesmit: Party pants
  2. S Club: eyeliner, lashes.
  3. Praline: eyebrows, eyeshadow.
  4. Kijiko: hair.
  5. Urielbeaupre: skin.
  6. RemusSirion: nose mask.
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