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Harry Styles sports second powerful message after honouring late ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack

Harry Styles sports second powerful message after honouring late ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack

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Harry Styles sports second powerful message on his suit after honouring late ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack with a black ribbon at the BRITs

By Charlotte Dean and Jason Chester for MailOnline

Harry Styles appeared to share a second tribute to his late ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack after sporting a black ribbon at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday evening.

The singer, 25, wore a pin on his bright yellow…

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Photo in HD




• Hairbase - ATON from CHEERNO

• Beard - Lui Facial Hair & Mesh Beard from VOLKSTONE


• Top - Henry Denim Jacket at FaMESHed from RIOT

• Bot - Charlie Jeans from RIOT

• Shoes - Oxford Shoes from [DEADWOOL]


• Glasses - Gabriel Sunglasses at TMD Event from :::NOIR:::

• Necklace - Sam Necklace :::NOIR:::

• Watch - Classic Johnson Watch from [Z O O M]

• Drink - X. Smoking Poker from [X. Store]

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A second chance you post one drawing of faith.

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10 dias atrás #azamigas #Second #life #forever #faltougente #comemorando #aniversário #amiga #fez27 #soumaisvelha #secondlife

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Melissa Fumero & Husband David Fumero Welcome Second Child Together!

Melissa Fumero is a mom of two! The 37-year-old Brooklyn Nine-Nine star announced that she and husband…

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robbie could defeat thanos

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The Benefits of Guns


Feb 7 · 5 min read

Iron, steel, flint and gunpowder- that’s what makes us Americans. “The beauty of the second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try and take it,” -Thomas Jefferson. To try to take away or ban weapons is ignorant for so many reasons, including crime rates, infringement of our rights, putting American citizens in danger, and making a rash decision based on a small set of events.

Now honestly, implementing more gun control laws is just making rash decisions based on a few horrific events. Shootings such as Columbine and the Vegas Shooting were both terrible events, but there are so many events in between where guns are used for protection and not a shot is fired. In the casino shooting in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock went on to murder 58 innocent people, and injure over 1000 more (Romo). Even through an extensive search by the FBI, there was no motive ever found. Most serial killers and mass murderers are born mentally ill, and go through something in their childhood/adolescence that makes something snap and they become violent. But really, how many people are serial killers? Tightening the gun laws is just trying to prevent the actions of psychopaths, but it’s being done in a way that prevents all sane Americans from having their freedom in the second amendment. Inaccurate facts and using a couple isolated events isn’t enough evidence to instate laws like this.

Now, let’s take a look at the actual crime rates for crimes that involve firearms. Between 1994 and 2004, there was an Assault Rifle Ban throughout the entire United States, but if gun laws actually worked and prevented criminals and mentally ill from obtaining the weapons, how was the Columbine shooting in 1999 able to happen (Perry)? See, by banning weapons, all it does is completely disarm the lawful Americans. How is it possible that Americans are 50 times more likely to lose a loved one to cancer, than to a gun, and the government refuses to push as hard for cancer research as they are for gun control? How about when people go up to quote inaccurate statistics about gun-related deaths, they say “approximately 32,500 people,” when, if you take out gang violence, suicide, and accidental death, that number drops to less than 7500 (Worley). The benefits of guns outweigh the cons 1000 to 1.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” (2nd Amendment). The U.S. Constitution was written with the purpose of making all Americans safe, while allowing them to experience freedom, as promised. The U.S. Constitution gave every American citizen the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, and does not say “but we can take assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and basically every gun available.” The Constitution does not allow the government to swoop in and steal our personal weapons, or ban people from obtaining them. Background checks, psych evaluations, and gun safety classes, I can understand and agree with, but full force banning or hardcore restrictions is just pointless and will do more harm than good. To think the government actually believes that they can take away guns and get around the second amendment is sickening, and as an avid supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association), I find it extremely important to make sure people understand why this is not okay for our society. The NRA is a group that supports gun rights of the 2nd Amendment, and those who deceive and falsify information to try and criminalize weapons are clearly lost on their views.

In reality, taking away or restricting weapons will make American citizens unsafe. According to the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, they say that guns are used by civilians roughly 990,000 times per year, adding up to less than 1% of the total guns in circulation, meaning a civilian will probably never even actually fire their gun. Being able to even have a gun on us makes us feel more safe, and if someone were to come up to a citizen, and have him/her be able to pull a legal weapon on the criminal in self defense, the criminal would more than likely run away without a shot ever being fired. Statistics have shown over and over that gun owners feel more safe with the gun. Walking the streets without having a decent way to protect him/herself is just asking for trouble and puts American citizens at risk. Taking away our form of protection hurts the United States, and sends a complete sense of unease throughout the country. I would never walk down a road without some form of protection with me, and I would never go back-roading or hiking without some form of protection either. In 2019, our streets are a war zone- so why would the government send in soldiers who are unarmed?

No matter which reasons a person agrees with, they are all relevant and are all accurate examples of why we should keep our guns. Hearing about the government taking away our weapons is purely sickening, and there should never be any way that the government can get around the second amendment and take our guns away. For whoever you are, think about what kind of hell you will bring down on our country by form of revolution and how the country will fall apart.


Works Cited:

About the NRA, NRA.ORG. https://home.nra.org/about-the-nra/

Perry, Clayton. “Why Gun Control is Not the Answer, and What We Can Do to Stop Gun Violence,” Farmington Flyer. https://www2.umf.maine.edu/flyer/archives/2013-spring/issue-2-3-7-2013/why-gun-control-is-not-the-answer-and-what-we-can-do-to-stop-gun-violence/

Romo, Vanessa. “FBI Finds No Motive In Las Vegas Shooting, Closes Investigation,” NPR. 29 Jan 2019. https://www.npr.org/2019/01/29/689821599/fbi-finds-no-motive-in-las-vegas-shooting-closes-investigation

Worley, Grant. “Gun control laws must be enforced properly, not expanded,” The Daily Collegian. 15 June 2016. https://www.collegian.psu.edu/archives/article_1ac60dd6-328f-11e6-a9a6-37b1d64b16fc.html

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Photo in HD


• Sofa - TORONTO SOFA at ACCESS Event from WRONG


• Underwear - Val Boxers at TMD Event from RIOT

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Been doing pottery, not good at it. thinking of starting a daily journal thing now. 1/8/20

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Welcome to the roleplay, SANDEUL! Please be sure to add the ADMIN within the given 3 days, not doing so will result in your muse being available again. We hope to see you soon~!

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EoA Second Appreciation Week!

Day 2: Domestic. Crackship.


Fiero never expected that part of his evenings would be spent in babysitting Carla, take her to the nearest park to entertain her and buy two ice-creams that she would most probably end up eating all by herself. Just two days a week. It was unbearable at first, but quality time with his granddaughter was something he wouldn’t change for anything else. 

The unexpected part was when he started not only mildly enjoying it, but actually looking forward to it. 

“Isn’t it a lovely evening today?” 

He answered with a barely audible ‘hmph’ but his companion seemed pretty used to his to his usual self by now. Her focus was still on her knitting. Kind of a routine at this point. They both would sito together, watching over the kids while little Carla and Mateo were playing with each other. 

He was reading a book but from time to time he switched to look over them. This time around, they were playing at the sandbox and Fiero made a mental note to not let Carla have any snack before washing her hands.

He was turning his attention to his book again -one that Rafa had mentioned before as one of her son’s favorites, about adventures and magical creatures and he had to admit it wasn’t bad at all-, when Rafa took a look at the scarf she was knitting this time. It was long, so he figured it wouldn’t be for little Carla this time. Oh, Carla adored that scarf Rafa had given her last week, at a point that Ash was having a hard time convincing her to use another cloth to cover instead.

“I think red is a fitting color for you,” she said, approaching him to seize it. It was long enough to cover his neck but Rafa seemed to think it was better make it larger, judging by her unsatisfied expression “It suits you, indeed,” 

He stared at her for a moment when she took it back to keep working on it. They shared a silent look for a moment before each one continued with their own thing. They heard Carla saying ‘That’s not fair, Matato!’ and then the children switched from playing in a sandbox to chasing each other around. Hopefully, remaining under their sight range, but Fiero stopped reading to focus completely on them. Just in case. 

“I really appreciate the gesture. Thank you,” 

“Oh, don’t thank me just yet. I don’t think I can finish it until next week, probably.” Rafa answered. Just in time, she started gathering her things. She was a very organized person, a quality that Fiero both admired and shared with her. “Is Carla enjoying the book?” 

“Well, my daughter told me she enjoys to read it with her papá before going to sleep, but Carla asked me not to tell Mateo about it,” he shrugged, standing up too while Rafa took a few candies from her bag. For Carla, evidently. 

“Mateo! It’s time to go!” 

Both kids stopped from chasing each other at her call and rushed to go back to them. It was starting to get late and Rafa covered Mateo with a scarf before saying goodbye to Fiero and Carla. 

“Adiós, señora de Alva!” said Carla, very pleased with her sweets and about to eat one, but Fiero stopped her with the excuse of putting on a sweater to cover her.

“Until next time! Say adiós, Mateo,” they could heard her, and Mateo waved his hand at them, showing a smile with a missing tooth. 

Putting her the scarf was easier since Carla loved it. It was her favorite color, obviously, because Carla had told Rafa how much she liked purple and it had been considered when she had decided to give her a gift. Soon, Carla tried to eat a candy but stopped when she noticed her hands.

“Your parents must be already at home,” commented Fiero, cleaning her hands up with wet wipes that Rafa always used with Mateo whenever the poor boy played at the park. “Ready to go?” 

“I want an ice-cream, abuelo!” 

“If I buy you an ice-cream you won’t eat your dinner, Carla,” 

Carla pouted and looked at him with a sad expression. Fiero tried not to fall for that, knowing that it was mostly a trick that she had learned -whether she learned it from his daughter or Victor, he had no idea, but he mostly blamed it on Victor-, but ended up sighing and giving up. 

“This is the last ti-”

“So, ice-cream is it!” 

Sigh. He was getting soft, wasn’t he.

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Flag of the Second Bulgarian Empire

from /r/vexillology

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EoA Second Appreciation Week, guys!

Day 1: New beginnings. Enemies/rivals.


Even thinking about showing up to the carnaval had made him feel anxious, but there was no good reason for him to waste such opportunity of spending some quality time with his family and have as much fun as he could. Because even if he wouldn’t admit it, things still were a little tense no matter how the whole villain alliance deal had been solved at the end.

Reluctantly, he joined his family’s float, but once all of them arrived at the stadium he decided to be on his own for a while. Isabel reunited with her friends, even though she promised to save a dance for him later. Elena had enough with the royal wizard’s company and abuelos were already enjoying themselves with all the music and dancing.

He decided to take a look around and get himself a snack. There were plenty of food all over the place, and for a moment Esteban had a hard time deciding whether he should buy two tamales verdes or maybe esquites. On the other hand, Nuñez had pan dulce, but on a second thought it was better to avoid familiar -way too familiar- faces. He had no desire to face an uncomfortable situation with Captain Nuñez over there. 

A tamalito, then! And maybe atolito! Feeling more confident with himself he headed towards Carmen’s spot and he was just a few steps of distance when someone blocked his way and ordered first. He pressed his lips firm to avoid making an exasperated sound, and he just made himself visible by stepping by their side. 

Oh, why. Why.


He had said that out loud and both Carmen and Rafa, who had blocked his way just a moment ago, turned to see him confused. Esteban blinked and cleared his throat before ordering. 

“Give me a second, chan- uh, Esteban. I’ll have Julio bring on more atole. Julio!” 

Carmen headed off to help Julio bring on more atole and tamales since apparently they were doing good so far. Sadly, that left him alone with Rafa for just a moment. She was one of those familiar -although not too familiar- faces he had tried to avoid ever since he had returned. He knew that there was no way to apologize to all the people affected for his mistakes -those from almost five decades ago-, but he couldn’t avoid them all either.

“Long time no see, Rafa,”


Yes, he didn’t expect much either. 

Esteban let out a big sigh and tried not to look at her while they waited impatiently. He even considered just returning later, until Rafa sighed too -tired, exhausted even- and turned to him. 

“You were gone for quite some time, huh,“ she eyed him, unsure about what to feel. Her opinion of Esteban before the carnaval of a year ago wasn’t the best, and now everything was so confusing and draining. And the only thing she could focus on was his hair, “Whatever happened to that?”

He looked up at his hair for a moment and felt the urge to cover it with his hands. Even if he had barely any trace of Takaina magic inside him, it had been impossible for him to make it return to its original, not ridiculous form. Rafa looked at him peculiarly, and for some reason she hid a chuckle behind her hand at his embarrassed expression.

“It’s, eh, a very long story,” 

“Maybe someday we’ll have time to hear it,” she said, and because of his puzzled expression she directed her gaze towards Elena and Mateo at the center of the stadium, dancing together over a cheerful song. Esteban couldn’t help but smile softly at the sight, recognizing how happy and relaxed Elena seemed to be. No surprise there. 

“Ah, you must be right. I think we’ll have plenty of time to bond as in-laws,” 

“Though if we wait for them to actually go for it, I’m afraid our talk will have to wait at least another decade,” 

Esteban smirked at that, “Yes, this is true,”

They laughed together and Carmen came back just in time before their atmosphere felt tense yet again. She handed their respective orders this time and Esteban hurried to pay for both orders. 

“Very well, then. I’ll… see you around, Rafa. Maybe soon, maybe not,” 

“Right. Unless, we decide not to wait for those two to make up their minds,” she suggested, taking a zip of her atole.


“It’s going to be a long carnaval,” 

Esteban was left speechless and Rafa added no more. She turned to retire and find a way to relax, and he just decided to follow her. Speechless still, and way too surprised to give it a second thought.

She was right, wasn’t she.

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