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Bragging about Bindi

Bindi was amazing today. I am insanely proud of her.

I have an aunt who I see about once a decade. Today my family took her out for lunch. I brought Bindi along fully expecting to keep her separate the entire time because she doesn’t like people. When we first met up, I had Skip hold B while I hugged my aunt, then I let Bindi sniff her hand while explaining the hand-sniff is the extent of her friendliness.

Bindi licked her hand and then began licking her kneecaps. And then she let my aunt pet her. Bindi does not like being petted by strangers. But she let my aunt pet her head and shoulders, and didn’t move away or make any kind of uncomfortable body language.

I think it was a combination of:  Bindi had met my aunt before, several years ago, and possibly remembered her (?); Bindi had been on a two-hour walk with the greyhounds and was physically and socially tired; and I hugged my aunt before Bindi interacted with her, possibly showing she was one of our people.

Whatever it was, I’m so, so proud of her. (And a little flabbergasted. What a girl!)

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