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❛a little affection❜ ❧ alisa & kamil

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.: ❀ — Fantastic Flowers was always a delight to work at. It was calming for him, tending the flowers every day and making sure they were all nice and healthy before making an art of them with the bouquets he made. It was nice.

However, it was harder for him to say that about the people he worked with. Being the quiet, reserved man that he was, he wasn’t very social either. So when his coworkers wanted to strike a conversation of some kind, he was silent, never responding much. This drove most people away… But one of them stayed and persisted regardless. 

Her name was Alisa. She was kind and a bit mousey, more than a foot shorter than he. She understood that he wasn’t one for conversation, rather her actions spoke louder than her words. When it was his break, he’d find a cup of tea waiting for him. Maybe right before work, she would come in with an extra drink in hand. When something of his was out of place, she would be there to fix it.

He really appreciated it, wholeheartedly. So when he came into work today, he had two cups of tea in hand. Rose hip and chamomile, with a bit of sugar in them. Stoic mask still in place, he handed it over to the small girl.

For you.” And tucking a small sprig of baby’s breath behind her ear. “I hope you like it.”

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