#t: A Rarity
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❛a rarity❜ ❧ shara & kamil

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.: ❀ — Fantastic Flowers was one of his favorite workplaces to be at. It wasn’t the people- he was always just uncomfortable enough to really be himself around them… It was the flowers. All the brilliant blooms that surrounded him made it all worth having to get out of his comfort zone. They calmed him whenever he felt himself getting antsy.

So when he talked in today, he just took in the atmosphere of the shop. Hopefully he wouldn’t encounter anyone as he tried to steel himself for work. Kamil found it was safe and early enough that no one would actually be around here to see this. 

As he placed his stuff in the back, neatly of course, he started to sing softly. He was alone, right? There was no one here for him to worry about. It was too early for other people to be here anyways. As he put on his apron, he went ahead to the front, still singing quietly. He began checking on the flowers and making sure they were of the highest quality.

Of course, as he was lost in his own world, he didn’t hear the bell jingle from the door.

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