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Took Miss B to the vet for her nose. Turns out she has a yeast and bacterial infection, and since she is allergic to yeast, that might be one of the reasons she keeps licking off new skin as it grows in. She’s definitely uncomfortable. Got a topical treatment that will hopefully take care of that.

I also had them give her a shot for lepto, since she’s out in the farmland and wilds a lot, and she also loves jumping in scummy water.

We saw a different vet than normal this time. I switched to Dr. C a couple of years ago on the recommendation of a friend, who was impressed with how he interacted with her shy dog. I also really like how Dr. C is around Bindi, and I feel like he really listens to what I have to say, respects that I know my dog well and am doing the best I can with her diet and drugs, and makes sure I understand why he is choosing a particular treatment option. He’s really great.

Today’s consult with Dr. B started off poorly and went downhill. She walked in the room and immediately started explaining to me how she thought Bindi injured her nose, and I finally had to interrupt her and tell her what actually happened. Then she interrogated me on what I was feeding B, and why, and gave her opinion on the choices that I’ve made, but without really listening to my answers. Like, after asking what type of meat I feed B, I started listing off beef, chicken, turkey– and she interrupted to say that I should consider feeding beef heart. I said that I do, and she said, well I should totally feed it, and then started talking about the benefits of beef heart over other meats.

I was like, okay this is not a consult on her diet, please return to the actual reason I am here, which is my dog’s scraped nose. She also had Things to Say about Bindi’s allergy treatment, and I barely restrained myself from telling her to call my dermatologist if she has issues with how I’m handling things.

So uh, going to specifically avoid appointments with Dr. B from now on. I’ve heard that it’s rude to request a specific doctor, but I really like Dr. C… 

Maybe I should send him a card. I should probably send my dermatologist a card, too. They’ve done Bindi a world of good.

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