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Cat fostering update 5/4/19. Sheldon and Leonard want into my lap and Penny likes to attack my hair.

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Cat fostering update 5/2/19.

Fostering is always an up and down rollercoaster. Today was a down day for the kitten. She consistently lost weight all day long despite being latched on nearly every time I checked on her. She refused the bottle several times. She went from her highest weight of 108 grams last night to just 97 grams tonight. I made the decision to start tube feeding her. Bindi is also a bit down, not eating well or drinking enough, but I did get her to eat some wet food with water mixed in tonight. I’m assuming she had some milk that first night, but she seems to have run out at this point. I got the kitten’s weight up to 102g after the tube feeding, so we’ll see how she’s doing in a few hours.

The Big Bang kittens are loving their new digs, although they’ll have to move to the boys’ bathroom for the weekend because hubby will be home for a visit 😄.

Mr. Handsome has been out on the cat tree more and more. He even stayed there for a full minute tonight when I came in. I also heard him meow for the first time today. He was wanting to get into the bathroom, but when I opened the door, he didn’t quite have the courage to come in.

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Cat fostering update 5/1/19. The kitten didn’t lose weight overnight, but she barely gained, so I did supplement her before I left for work. I may or may not have allowed my son to stay home from school to watch over her 🤫😬. She did gain a total of 5 grams while I was gone to work and I did finally see her latched on this evening. So, I’m now cautiously optimistic. She needs to gain more quickly, but this is good progress.

The Big Bang theory kittens are enjoying the master bathroom while Bindi is in the maternity ward, and Mr. Handsome is consistently out on the cat tree or the bench next to it every morning, but he still goes back under the bed pretty quickly after I wake up.

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