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“And now you gon die~
"Go get em gurl”
Hitman couple in a nutshell

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Apocalypse AU with Neo and her old man Kaanan as protagonists

Kaanan is by @routamaa-art
Vayle and Clio (last pic) are mine
and Neo belongs to us both!

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Vayle is a good boy!

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Lil WIP of Vayle looking particularly cute in this panel. 

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ive been playing ds3 a lot lately so i drew my player characters from all 3 games..

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(chris vayle)

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Have this really gay Vayle

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Its Vayle! He’s smokin!

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“I’m no wicked witch…But I CAN be wicked if need be!”

It’s October time, WITCHES! which means it time to get Spoopy!

No one enjoys the time of Halloween more then Fiona and Vayle. One excited for the Candy and costumes, the other in it for the costumes! And boy does she have plans for costumes this year…

This witch outfit is what Vayle dons during the month of October, and has become a signal for many Speranza citizens that Halloween is near! Made with soft, warm fabrics, Black and white striped tights, a large Frilly underskirt to poof out the skirt, and a little Halloween flare to bring out the creepiness of the whole costume, she pulls off the Witch look well! Fiona certainly loves it when she’s not the only witch in the group when they travel! Vayle will sometimes even use her levitation magic on a Halloween Witch’s broom and fly through vitaria upon it to add to the theme of her outfit!

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Just worked on some Vayle Poses for Practice. I also gave her a Slight redesign in the Process. Can’t be TOO flashy when adventuring!

Vayle almost ALWAYS greets those she meets with the Tradition Noblewoman’s Greeting, The Curtsy. She was taught by many noblewomen a proper lady should always curtsy when greeting those she meets. She Even teaches this to Fiona when she visits the Noble District, to Krystal when in Disguise, and even Prince Adon (Sanguynn’s Character) when she makes him a costume of the Opposite gender!

She even had to teach a Reluctant Akimoto to do so when he too took on a disguise once…Though, He’ll probably NEVER do something like that again.

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August 27, 2017:

Camo Primary, Snapper, Ripple Gene.

Vayle of Clan Treecko!

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do you have any masc names for someone who gets lost a lot, long roadtrips at night, liminal spaces, crumpled sketchbook papers and dirty hands and the smell of a forest after it rains?


Roden, Vayle, Alpen, Eivar and Marden!

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I got a new bog egg and he hatched into a Maize | Tarnish | Mantis with Plague eyes. I scattered him to Shale |  Ultramarine | Seafoam

Hh, now I need to work for another scatterscroll, please save me

I like the shale and ultramarine colors, especially with skink, but that seafoam’s throwing me off

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Beauty Becomes the Beast, Part 6

The Conclusion of The Misadventures of two noblewomen transformed by a cursed Amulet.

Vayle has been cured of her Beast Form as has returned to her old self. However, out of Anger and Insanity, Lady Morgana has taken the Amulet and put it on herself! Transforming her into a much more grotesque beast then Lady Vayle.

*The New Beast Roars with furry as it tears apart the Pageant Stage*


Akimoto: I don’t think she cares, Vayle…She’s lost her mind!

*The Beast Rips the Curtain apart, picking up a rack of Formal Attire as it throws it at the Crowd!*

Friedrich: GAH! *Rolls out of the Way!* Good God! She’s throwing clothing at us!

Xaldin: Death by Frills…Interesting Choice…No Matter! GUARDS! READY THE CHAINS!

*The Soldiers begin winding up the chains, preparing to throw them at the Beast!*

Akimoto: *Summons Blade!* You know…I don’t think I’ll have any regrets Attacking this Beast! *Spreads Wings, Dashing Toward the Beast!* HaaaaaAAAAAAARGH!!!*SLICE!*

*a Large scar appears on the Beast’s stomach as it begins to Growl in Pain!*

Raziel: HyaaaaAAAARGH!!! *Slams his fist into the beast’s gut, only to get knocked back by its giant claw!* GAAARGH!!! *Stumbles as he maintains his stance!*

*The Beast Continues it rampage, throwing Trees and festival debris at the soldiers and people!*


Friedrich: Maybe we should just let Aki’s Group handle this…Tell the Guards to Evacuate the People until the Situation is Handled!


*The Beast begins swinging a Log like a Club, knocking back Kona and Vent while Krystal Barely rolls out of the way!*

Krystal: Grrrr…*Readies an arrow, imbuing it with flame powder!* How about we send you off with a BANG?! *Launches the Arrow as it Explodes on the Beast’s Back! Causing it to Stumble!*

*The Beast weakly gets up, swiping it’s claws at the Ground. Meanwhile, Vayle Jumps up onto the Destroyed Stage Lightly rolling aside an unconscious Fiona!*

Vayle: Morgana! You leave me no other Choice! *Preparing Magic!* you gifted me a cursed necklace! You Put my Friends in Danger! And More Importantly! YOU RUINED SPERANZA’S SPRING FESTIVAL! AN ACT THAT CAN ONLY BE ATONED FOR WITH YOUR LIFE! *Vayle begins chanting a incantation as she charges up energy, Her clothing flowing with the wind around her!*

*The Beast Turns to Vayle, Snarling and Roaring Furiously as it stomps toward her!*

Vayle:  Spirits of the arcane! Grant strength to my Spell! Lend me the power to banish Evil to HELL! *Spell Fully Charged!* TENEBRIS!!! *Fires a blast of Dark energy at the Beast as it envelopes it in an abyss of angry spirits and magical energy!*

*The Beast roars out in a high pitched tone as the Spell tightens around it!*

Vayle: Now…*Twirls, posing dramatically as she clenches her fist!* DISPERSE!!!

*The Energy Explodes! Completely weakening the Beast as it falls to the ground!*

Akimoto: Arlight, Lady…I think I’ve had enough Your Crap…And I’m sure as hell done with that STUPID NECKLACE! *Readies his Sword!* HaaaaaaaAAAAAARGH!!!*Stabs his sword into the Necklace, breaking the Gem in the Middle!*

*The Necklace begins to glow with an angry Aura, emitting a Bright Purple light as the Beast Begins to Shriek in Agony, Struggling to Remove the Necklace, the Beast is Enveloped by a mass energy! The Beast starts to charge in pain toward lady Vayle!*

Vayle: *!* Good Lord! IS SHE MAD?!

Akimoto: LOOK OUT!!! *Grabs Fiona and Vayle, Flying them both out of the Way of the Beast’s Rampage!*

*The Beast Jumps onto the Stage, The Necklace Bursting into a mass Explosion behind them, Akimoto Shielding Vayle and Fiona with his Wings!*

Akimoto: *Sigh*….*Phew*….*Looks at the damage!*….*!!!*…Jeez…

*The Stage is utterly destroyed with the Beast’s Skeletal Remains lying in the middle of the fallout*

Vayle: *!* It…it utterly destroyed her! There’s nothing left but Bones…

Fiona: Ow…Ow…My Head hurts…Everything Hurts…Aki, what happened? Did we save lady va-?! *!* Ah! LADY VAYLE! You’re back to normal! *Hug!*

Vayle: Yes! I’m alright, Fiona! That Necklace won’t be turning anyone into monsters ever again! Though, I honestly Feel terrible for Lady Morgana…*Stares at the Fallout again!*

Akimoto: I Don’t! I Hope that Bitch Rots in hell for what she did!

Zephyr: Believe me…Once I find her soul, She WILL BE…


Vayle: *?* Huh…?

Demon Merchant: *Clapping!* Well Done! Well Done! Not only did you conquer the Beast Within, but you destroyed that Necklace’s curse for good…I’d Say that’s quite a win for you guys…

Fiona: *Glare!* Well, none of this would have happened if you hadn’t Sold the Necklace to Morgana in the first Place!

Demon Merchant: *Shrug!* A Demon’s Gotta make a living somehow, Kid…

Vayle: a Demon merchant…I Shoulda known one of YOUR Kind was responsible for this! No Offense, Akimoto…

Akimoto: None Taken! *Glare!* I Suppose you’re here to collect your money?

Demon Merchant: Oh…Yeah…about that…I Figured you were gonna destroy that Necklace regardless of the Outcome…So i just took the Money that Lady Had in her Vault! I think it’ll keep me fed and happy for a loooong time…Though, I do hope your friend learned a lesson from all this…

Vayle: *Raises eyebrow* and just what the devil do you mean by that?!

Demon Merchant: All this occurred because of your obsession with Beauty, madam…Her Jealousy lead to her Ambition to be rid of you…All of these Events transpired because of Yours and her Lust for Beauty! Greed and Lust are the Deadliest of sins…If consumed by it…It turns you into a monster…You try so hard to stand out and make yourself beautiful…But In the end…It is Beauty who’s the Beast…

Vayle: So you’re saying I Shouldn’t focus so much on beauty?

Demon Merchant: I’m saying you’re beautiful as you are, Madam…No accessory or Outfit could ever change that…Keep making your Clothes, Keep wearing your Jewelry…And Definitely keep making The Humans of this Kingdom Smile! Just…keep an open mind…and don’t let it consume you…

Vayle: Hm…*Nods!* You make a fair point…

Demon Merchant: *Shrugs!* Not all of us Demons are Bad, Madam…I’m just a Merchant trying to make some Honest Coin…And Teaching Humans a thing or two along the way!…Here! *Tosses her the Same Snow-globe of the Woman Dancing with the Werewolf!* This one’s on the House! *Gestures a farewell as he continues down the Back Allies of the City* And with that…My Business is done…On to the Next City!

*The Demon Merchant Disappears in the shadows, His Whistling of a Familiar tune echoing from the Ally…*

Akimoto: *Blink*…God, Demons are strange…it’s time like this I’m glad I’m only HALF demon!

Raziel: At least we don’t have to worry about that Necklace…

Kona: To think…a necklace alone could cause so much damage like this…

Vayle: Well…Hopefully most of the Festival is still intact!

Krystal: I Know the Maiden of the Sands Stage is still intact! Which, I’m going to need my outfit back for that very soon…

Vayle: *!* O-Oh! Yes! Right! The Outfit I am currently Wearing…hehehe! Not to worry! I’ll give it back Shortly! Um…Zephyr! Could you kindly transport us back to the mansion so I may make myself Proper?

Zephyr: as you wish, My Lady! *Places hand on Vayle’s shoulder, enveloping them in a teleportation spell*

Vayle: I’ll Be Back Shortly! *Teleports away with Zephyr!*

Raziel: eeesh…So much for her Beauty Contest…That Stage got Totaled!

Akimoto: Yeah, it really took a beating!

Pageant Judge: *Rushing over to the Stage!*…Ugh! My…MY STAGE!!! MY SHOW! IT IZ ALL RUINED!!! *Sob!* Zat Beast Destroyed ze Pageant!

Raziel: Chill out, lady! They can just relocate it!

Pageant Judge: SILENCE, CORPSE! Ze show was supposed to happen NOW! And zere are NO CONTESTANTS! AND NO SHOW! UUUUGH! I don’t have time to fix all of zis…I’ll just have to choose a mademoiselle myself for ze Parade…Ummm…*!* AH! PERFECT! *Point!* YOU!

Fiona: *!* M-ME?!

Pageant Judge: Yes! Congratulations, Darling! You are the Spring Maiden of ze Festival! You shall be one of ze stars of the Parade and Light ze Flame of Spring!

Fiona: U-Um…Okay?!

Akimoto: heh…Looks like you won the Beauty Contest, Fiona! Congratulations!

Fiona: But I didn’t even do anything! I don’t think I even signed up!

Pageant Judge: It does not matter, my Dear! None of the Ze Contestants showed up for ze event, and besides that, ZERE IS NO EVENT TO SHOW UP TO! And ze parade is tonight, so I don’t have time to choose a winner from zese no shows! *Throws Clipboard!* So to hell with it! YOU WIN BY DEFAULT! You’re pretty! You have a pure figure! Your stance is cute! You shall be ze Spring Maiden!

Fiona: Alright then…*Blink!*…I Guess I’m the Spring Maiden this year…

Akimoto: Trust me, Fiona…You’ll have fun with it!

Vayle: *Returns, wearing an identical outfit to the one she wore before she put on the necklace!* Sorry about! I’m back now! Here’s your costume, Krystal…

Krystal: *Takes it!* Thank you! Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a show to return to! *Walking off with her outfit in hand!*

Vayle: Yes, well…I’m not sure if they still plan on doing the Spring Maiden Pageant, but I’ll certainl-

Pageant Judge: Apologies, lady Vayle! But a Winner has already been decided! *Points to Fiona!* This little Mage Girl iz this year’s Spring Maiden!

Vayle: W-WHAT?! But I-…And-…Wait…FIONA WON?!

Fiona: B-By Default, but…Yeah…I-I’m so sorry, lady Vayle!  I know you were one of the contestants, but she just picked me at random, an-…

Vayle: *Hugs Fiona Tightly!* THIS IS GLORIOUS!!! I WAS HOPING YOU’D BE THE SPRING MAIDEN SOME DAY, FIONA! *Grabs Her Arm!* Zephyr! Take us back immediately! We must make this maiden look like a PRINCESS!!!

Zephyr: Of Course, My Lady! *Grabs onto Both Vayle and Fiona’s Shoulders! Teleporting again!*

Fiona: Wait! WHAT?! *Teleported away!*

Akimoto: Hehehe…And in the end…She learned NOTHING…

Vent: That’s Humans for you! They ain’t exactly the sharpest creatures in the world…

Raziel: *!!!*…Wait a Minute…She Said the Pageant was supposed to start NOW, right?

Akimoto: Yeah…

Raziel:…That would mean It’s 7:30…Which means…

Vent: *!!!*

Akimoto: *!!!*

Raziel: *!!!*


*Later that Night, Fireworks ignite the sky as the Townspeople stand to the Sides cheering on the Floats as the Spring Festival’s Parade begins!*

Friedrich: *Standing with his Daughter, Waving!*

Akimoto: *On the Sidelines, arms crossed standing next to Vayle and Kona* I can’t believe I missed the Tournament…

Vayle: Oh, relax yourself! Just enjoy the Parade, Akimoto! Missing one Battle isn’t going to kill you!

Akimoto: Yeah, Whatever…*!*…Didn’t that outfit get destroyed when you transformed?

Vayle: Hm…Oh! Yes! *Looking down at her dress, lightly lifting the skirt with one hand!* I liked the design of it, So I actually made a few spares of This outfit! I’m glad I did, too!

Akimoto: Hm…Yeah, it suits you…

Vayle: Really? Thank you, Akimoto…*!* Ah! There she is!

*Fiona passes by on the Spring Maiden Float, wearing a shimmering white and Blue Ball Gown with Various Gold Jewelry and her hair tied into a ponytail!, Waving as she looks down upon the People!*

Fiona: Hehe…This actually isn’t so bad…This is kind of Fun! *Waving to the People with a Smile!*


Fiona: I’m so glad no one but me can hear you…

Vayle: *Waving arms furiously!* FIONA!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL, DARLING!!!

Fiona: *!* *Looks down at her Friends, Smilling and Laughing under her Breath as she waves down at them happily!*

Raziel: Heh…*Waves Back!*…Well at least She’s happy…Still Can’t believe we missed out on the Tournament, though…

Akimoto: Yeah…and the Worst part is…We lost…TO HIM! *Points to the Tournament Champion Float!*

Bellator: *Standing on the Tournament Float, holding up the Champion Belt atop the Float’s Dragonhead as flames shoot out the eyes!!* AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I’M STILL THE CHAMP, BITCHES! HAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Rosemary: Uuugh…Akimoto, I Hope you never grow up to become a Man-Child like your Grandfather….

Akimoto: Heh…never crossed my Mind, Gran…

Kona: Look! Princess Krystal’s part of the show, too!

*The Lebenian Float Passes, with krystal and her Friends performing “the Dancing Mist”*

Krystal: *Happily dancing, Pointing over at her friends with a Wink and a Grin!*

Vent: *Whistles Loudly!* WORK THAT BODY, KRYSTAL! OOOW!!!

Vayle: Hm…I’m glad that regardless of everything that happened, the Parade is still going strong! We’d Best Enjoy it! Tomorrow, we’ll need to start rebuilding the Damage my Beast form has caused…

Akimoto: Yeah, May as well help out! I don’t think you’d be able to handle repairing the damage yourself.

Vayle: His Majesty Said He’d lend some soldiers to help with Rebuilding! And some of the Villagers also Volunteered to Assist! So as long as we keep a good pace, the work should go by Smoothly!

Raziel: Hey, as long as I’m getting paid for it, I’ll gladly help out…

Akimoto: What? You don’t wanna do it out of the Goodness of your Heart?

Raziel: I don’t have a Heart! It got taken out and Replaced with a Blood-gem, Remember? Plus, I’m a mercenary…I Don’t do things for Free…

Vent: Always gotta be the Cold-Hearted one, don’t you, Raz?

Raziel: Better than being a Skirt-Chaser…

Vent: I Regret NOTHING! *Taking pictures of under the Speranza Dancer’s skirts!*

Raziel: *Takes Camera, Crushing it with one hand!* feeling regret now?

Vent: Seriously, Man?! Jeez…You guys never let me have fun…

*Fiona walks up the Steps alongside The Emperor and the Princess as they approach the Crystal Kindling!*

Friedrich: *Looks down at the people!* As has been our tradition for Generations…Our Spring Maiden Shall now Ignite the flame of Spring! May Its PRISMATIC FLAMES BURN ACROSS VITARIA! LET ALL WHO SEE IT KNOW THIS LAND’S BEAUTY! NOT JUST SPERANZA, BUT ALL OF VITARIA!!!

*The Crowd Cheers Loudly!*

Fiona: *Takes ahold of the Torch, Approaching the kindling!*…*Phew*…*Smiles!* LET THE FLAMES OF SPRING BURN EVER BRIGHTLY AND ETERNALLY! *Lights the torch as Prismatic Flame Begins to Erupt from the Kindling!*

*The Crowd ROARS loudly as the Flame emerges, its glowing Smoke Covering the Sky in Prismatic Hues, like an Aurora!*

Vayle: ugh! So Beautiful! *Sniff!* She was DESTINED to be the Spring Maiden! I’m sending a Picture of her to Adon! He’s gonna be speechless! Haha! *Taking Photos with Camera!*

Akimoto: hehe…This is certainly going to be a Festival the Humans will remember for a Long time!

*The Crowd Continues Cheering, Clapping for the emperor and Fiona!*

Xaldin: *Watching from the Shadow of an Ally* heh…We certainly dodged the Bullet on this one, Zephyr…

Zephyr: Agreed…It was bad enough a Madwoman transformed her…But her demise in that Beastly form would have been…Consequential…

Xaldin: Yes…In more ways than one…Hopefully the chaos didn’t attract the Attention of her Pursuers…Especially…

Zephyr: I have heard nothing of his appearance in Speranza…Though I’m keeping my Senses clear just in case…As for the Madwoman…I sensed her Soul Making way for Draugrheim…

Xaldin:…Are you going to catch her?

Zephyr: No…at Least not now…But, should she try anything now that she is a Spirit…I won’t think twice of Damning her soul to hell…

Xaldin: Heh…You’ve certainly gotten used to being a Revenant, Old Friend…

Zephyr: It’s quite a Change…But I have adapted to it…

*The Two Continue to Watch the Show as Fireworks and Prismatic Flames emit across the Sky*


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@emril4dayz confessed:

I’ve always had a theory that Artix based the character of Vayle after an ex girlfriend of his. Cx I REALLY want to know if this is true and I’d love to be able to ask him myself. XD

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Vayle, what's the one thing I asked you not to do tonight?


[muttering] Raise the dead.


And what did you do?


...Raise the dead.

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DF Week - #2 Holidays - April Fools

As we learned from Izzac, Tomix was a terrible prankster. Also, need we forget the catapult incident. With new friends and a lack of having to hunt down elemental spirits who’s to say he won’t attempt to try it again.

Uhm, how to tag, how to tag…

“No, I’m telling you that he’s un-prank able.”
“Nobody’s un-prank able.”
“Tomix, he turned the guardian castle into a fish.”
Anti and Tomix fell quiet as the papers strewn on the table flapped slightly in the breeze. Vayle could only sigh and shake her head as she passed to get to the kitchen.
“Okay, how about this.” Tomix grabbed a nearby blank piece of paper. “You have that new armor, yeah?”
“The Time Lord one?”
“Can you walk in stopped time with it?”
“It’s possible…I think. I still haven’t asked the Time Fairy about the restrictions on it.”
“He might be loophole crazy, but I doubt Cysero could manage to work his way out of stopped time.” Tomix started scribbling something on the paper. Anti only sighed. “You use the stopped time ability to sneak into his store and once inside go and mess-“
“I hope you do know, messing with his things…dying his hair…taking things and putting them somewhere with a treasure hunt doesn’t faze him. Everyone else has tried it once…” Tomix stopped mid scribble and held his head in his hands while groaning.
“There there.” Anti patted Tomix on the shoulder. “Just don’t think about pranking Cysero and focus and fine tune the rest.”
Tomix huffed. “Fine…”
April Fools was deemed a success. Ash’s sword was replaced with a rubber sword replica, with permission from the princess. Artix had a fake Zombie placed outside his tent, his screams could be heard for miles before a loud cursing once he noticed. As Anti plucked out the third fly ice cube from his drink there was multiple snickering coming from the other Inn patrons. Vayle leaned over and stared at just who it was, only to start snickering herself. Tomix had just walked into the Inn, frowning. His normally red hair changing into the colors of the rainbow.
Anti turned to see as well and he could only sigh. “Oh Tomix…”
“Still tried to prank Cysero I see.”
“Oh shut it pink wings.”

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