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You're a lot of people's crush! I know I have one on you, as well 🙈


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“Nice empire you have here. It would be a shame if someone chose to take it over.” /the-voids-grasp


‘- There is no one to take over what belongs to us. ‘

Such speeches indeed made him quite furious, it was very much enough to shift the sands around with a grip of his spear. He wasn’t a perfect picture of composure lately, so all the provocations worked a charm. Especially since there wasn’t a soul to tell him to hold his temper. And the sticky reek of the void did not help him in maintaining a perfect picture of fortitude.

‘- What is thou gain in such implications? An emperor has no rivals, nor will he in any future time. All the liabilities are beyond us. And there is no threat we will not eliminate. Such is the price of Shurima’s future.’

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Leonardo DiCaprio | 92nd Annual Academy Awards 2020

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❛ don’t worry about what the world thinks. ❜



     “yeah, uh— that’s a hell of a lot easier said rather than done, dude. i always worry about what everyone thinks about me. that’s– that’s kind of my thing. i’m always tired. i’m always anxious. i’m always screaming into the void of nothing ‘cause of freaking out about one thing or another. i wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking i’m a dumbass. i’m not even that important, so it’s not like it matters, anyway.”

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“ i wish i knew how to talk about it. ”


“Are you referring to repressed pain, soldier? Share it. I wish to hear what you have to say.”

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Vector looks good in blue

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how are you doing my internal voice

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I'm looking for more nerdy lesbians who are obsessed with TV shows, movies, games, etc. Who are willing to sink with their ship, who are annoyed of all the people around them who don't laugh when you are quoting your favorite character/movie/game/whatever. When you see gay ships everywhere even though the characters had a 2 second scene together. If sarcasm is guiding your way and your warp core only functions with coffee like mine. I try to start the new year braver and find new people who are just as weird and fucked up as me. My owl is currently busy with eating so you can only send me a message here if this note sounded like you.
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Me and Ido, seeing Mirio vs Overhaul

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             “ I’m right here, sweetling. What can your dad-daddy-father-daaaaad do for you ? ”

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‘ wait ‘


Rodimus stopped, but he didn’t turn to face the swordsmech. His EMF was drawn tight against him, unreadable. Though his frame was easy to read.


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me logging in to check my STATS and post ancient P3 fanart i drew 4 years ago that i found on my old computer and seeing my notifs in the stratosphere from all the aforementioned P3 content:

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@kusunokihime replied to your post
*peeks back* ��
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The mandalorian: “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold”

Me: who was previously on the fence about the mandalorian

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