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A winner!

So anyway Bindi really loves lure coursing. She again outran the three Singles dogs she was pitted against (Afghan hound, bully mix, elderly greyhound) and earned her second High Score In Meet ribbon of the weekend. I don’t normally collect ribbons but since she actually beat some other dogs, I’m keepin’ em.

She was also slipped by multiple strangers and handled it just fine. And she shared her tent with my roommate’s dachshunds with no issues. And lastly, she was a crowd-pleaser when she “helped” me bring the lure back to the start line by holding onto the squeaky toy on the end.

I practiced operating the lure some more, and again did the doxie and terrier races, and then the “small mixed breed” race and the GSP race. It’s tricky to keep the lure just enough in front of the dogs to keep their interest but not so close that they can catch it. I kept on having too big of a lead so my lure was a bit jerky instead of smooth. I’ll get better with practice!

I also judged most of the morning races, helped set up the timer for the Singles runs, and slipped the dachshunds, several greyhounds, a GSP, and a border whippet.

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Bindi’s funny because she 100% trusts me to make sure she isn’t injured. Examples:

1) I brush her while she’s lying on her side. Bindi hurls herself to the ground and I have to shield her head and shoulders from the impact.

2) I have come so close to tripping and falling on her so many times and every time she doesn’t move. Just gazes up at me trustingly, fully believing that there is no way I could possibly land on her and hurt her.

3) If she’s on something high and doesn’t want to be there anymore, she’ll jump off into my arms– whether I am prepared to catch her or not.

SO FAR I have managed to avoid disaster, but sometimes I reach my optimum heart rate while doing the averting.

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The DNA results are in!

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Lily smiled down at the bard leaning drunkenly on her shoulder, how many drinks had he had now? 5? 6? she'd lost count but this was a lot of fun and she waved at the serving girl to bring over a couple more. "Tell me Dandelion, do you believe in true love ?" [simplly-lilly]


The drinks would never be declined, for he was not one to waste perfectly good alcohol. Even as the waitress brought said drinks to the table, he was further nuzzling her, one of his arms snaking around her so he may trace his fingers delicately down her own arm. The drink could wait for a moment until he was done showering this beautiful woman in affection.

“Mmh, but of course I do. What self-respecting poet doesn’t believe in true love? Sometimes it takes a while for one to find it, and sometimes it takes a while for them to realize they have it, but once that realization hits, that’s a lifelong guarantee of happiness and bliss.” He was murmuring to her now, voice a soft croon as he sought closeness to her. Every subtle touch was soft and sweet, inviting her to respond, but not demanding it by any means. Though drunk, he still knew how to treat a lady - mostly.

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up, a goofy movie, the fox and the hound, balto, lady and the tramp!


all amazing movies but sadly none of them make the list asdgfhj

  1. tangled
  2. the princess and the frog
  3. how to train your dragon
  4. lilo and stitch
  5. the little mermaid 2
  6. hercules
  7. the lion king 2
  8. robin hood
  9. aristocats
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Hope you’re having a super day!

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Prince has no interest in tv until today. He is enthralled with Russell Brand???

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This psychic I’ve been watching on YouTube did a reading about Khloe and Tristan’s situation and Khloe is gonna GET HIS ASS

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“ah yes. finally. a good spot to l a y.”

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February 18, 2018

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My 12 year old husky escaped from my parent’s back yard and went on an adventure down the street. He got picked up by the local cops and is now grounded from having off leash time in the back yard.

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Jack walked through a pile of Legos, tail wagging all the while, to come say hi to me. I’ve never felt so loved.

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she’s sleepy 💤

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