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Fostering update 4/14/19. Bindi is very confused and concerned about bath time.

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Why would you do this?

Because the needs of the one… outweigh the needs of the many.

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That fucking commercial tho. I was expecting a cute christmas story with Santa and got some Halloween shit

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I would like to have the executive who decided to move Hannibal to Saturdays for dinner …

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My Economics teacher decided that because of Senior Skip, clearly not a single senior actually did anything, and so he gave every single one of us a zero on a 200 point assignment for that day, without telling anyone.

Yeah, ok. Some seniors really didn’t do much because it’s a tradition, but they did call in and excuse the absence, and made teachers aware beforehand. So for my teacher, who wanted to “be a boss in the real world”, thanks for giving the kids with anxiety more fear. Thanks for allowing the kids who needed that grade to graduate to fail and have to redo the year. Thanks for having the kids go home and explain to parents that because they might have happened to be sick on that day, they’ve lost a lot of progress.

Thanks for my parents going to not let me be social until I’ve made that grade up, which is next to impossible by this point. Thanks for giving me an internal panic attack and potential to fail the entire year. Thanks.

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Black March?

What I don’t get is that, if these people are boycotting because their illegal download sites are going up in flames, then they’re only hurting themselves, because sure the artists aren’t getting paid, but now you’re stuck at home, bored as crap. :/ plus some of these companies didn’t even support SOPA at all and are going to get punished for it. but don’t get me wrong. Sopa is a bad thing, and i disagree with what it stands for 100%. but the way they intend to shut down SOPA could catch innocent businesses in the crossfire, small businesses especially. 

And I’ll admit that I could be wrong. this could prove to be a successful boycott, and if it does I’ll gladly take back everything ive said. but until then, I deem this entire black march thing as this: dumb.  don’t hate the media, hate the greedy artists that supported it. 

plus, fuck you guys. i’m going to go see the hunger games in march whether you like it or not.

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